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Winter Activities

Røros winter - Norway
How about open space, crisp air, spectacular views and a fantastic atmosphere in a crowd free environment? This is what Norway in winter entails. The season offers unique opportunities for exciting and memorable tours and activities.

Winter in Norway

The Norwegian winter season lets you experience things you may never have imagined doing. You can interact with nature in a new way and see the world around you in a new light. Take in the Norwegian winter experience comfortably and sustainably in crisp, clean surroundings.
Our winter activities are designed to give you an immersive experience of the Norwegian winter landscape. Enjoy the winter wonderland fun in Norway!

Skiing in Norway with the SkiTicket

Spend your winter holiday in Norway and try our ski packages to some of Norway's top ski destinations! Our SkiTicket is a simple and affordable package that combines train, bus, and ski-lift passes in one easy purchase.

Get ready for winter in Norway