Arktisches Inselhüpfen

Nehmen Sie an einer malerischen Tour entlang der National Scenic Route von Tromsø zur faszinierenden Insel Senja teil. Die Tour beinhaltet eine malerische Fährfahrt und mehrere Fotostopps sowie einen köstlichen Mittagstisch im idyllischen Hamn Resort. Erleben Sie einen unvergesslichen Tag in den atemberaubenden Landschaften Nordnorwegens und füllen Sie Ihre Sinne mit wertvollen Erinnerungen.

11Std., 30Min
Für alle geeignet
15.JUN- 14.AUG

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This tour offers you an easy way to experience and explore the majestic island of Senja in a comfortable and effortless way.

Tour description

Your tour from Tromsø starts by taking a bus out of the city center along the Norwegian coast, from Tromsø Island to Kvaløya island. After a 1,5 hour's drive from Tromsø, the bus boards the local ferry, which crosses over to Senja. This is a magical sea journey with unique dazzling nature all around you.

Senja is often nicknamed "Norway in miniature". On this tour, you will pass through many of the different types of wilderness and landscapes Norway has to offer. Senja is home to deep fjords, steep mountains, white beaches, and a distinctive fishing culture. You will travel along one of Norway’s 18 National Scenic Routes on the western outskirts of Senja.

There will be a photo stop at the scenic Ersfjord beach surrounded by majestic mountains and "decorated" with the world-famous "Golden Toilet". If you are wondering what a "golden toilet" is, just wait till you get there! There will be time to stretch your legs here and take in the Arctic summer scenery.

In the Storbrygga restaurant in Senja, you can enjoy a traditional local food-tasting platter accompanied by a fabulous view of the locals’ favorite mountain Sukkertoppen, and the charming harbor area. If the weather allows it, you can enjoy lunch in the maritime atmosphere outdoors on the quay itself. If you are interested in locally brewed beer, you can add a beer tasting here before returning to Tromsø.

This compact tour will offer a wealth of sights and sensations that you'll remember for a lifetime!


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