UNESCO Nærøyfjord Wanderung

Machen Sie mit bei einer spektakulären Bergwanderung auf den historischen Rimstigen mit fantastischem Blick auf den UNESCO-geschützten Nærøyfjord! Dieses Wandererlebnis beinhaltet den Transport von Ihrem optionalen Ausgangspunkt in Voss, Gudvangen oder Flåm. Ein privater Guide begleitet Sie und eine leichte Mahlzeit, die in einer atemberaubenden Umgebung serviert wird, ist ebenfalls enthalten!

Mehrere Standorte
7 Stunden
1.JUN -20.OKT

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Rimstigen provides a spectacular hiking route to the mountains high above the fjord, through lush forests and up steep rocky steps. This unique mix of beautiful fjord nature and a living local culture has earned this region a well-earned spot on UNESCO's World Heritage list.

Tour description

Rimstigen is a historic path used by the farmers of Bakka to herd their farm animals to the summer pastures in the mountains. Looking up from the fjords’ shore, the ascent to the hanging valley Rimstigbotnen looks improbable. The steep, forested hills look both impressive and intimidating.

Luckily, the Rimstigen path is well made, winding its way steeply through the lush forest, under the looming presence of Bakkanosi (1398). The path up is one of the most remarkable, old mountain farming routes we know of! From the lush greenery near the fjord, you and your guide hike up steep sections towards gentler slopes with grooves of mountain birches. Bubbling creeks, mountains, and rivers are all around you.

As you gain altitude, the view gets more and more impressive. At an elevation of 700 meters, the path reaches easier terrain as you approach the hanging valley of Rimstigbotnen. This is a great spot for a lunch break and here, your guide will set up a stove and prepare a light meal and some hot drinks. Meanwhile, you can look down upon the tiny boats and kayaks on the still surface of Nærøyfjorden far below.

After a well-earned rest, you head back down the way we came up. During the steep descent, you can only marvel at how earlier generations of farmers were able to lead their livestock up and down these hills to the summer pastures in the mountains above.

Nærøyfjorden is a place of wild natural beauty, stillness, and peace. The locals still living here, maintain a close relationship with the surrounding nature. The hike up Rimstigen will give you an idea of the challenges faced by earlier generations in the rough fjord nature. Your guide is happy to share some of the local history with you, providing additional depth to the experience.

Enjoy your hike!

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