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Ecotourism activities in Norway

More and more people are discovering ecotourism and are using it to explore some of the most fascinating destinations throughout Norway and the rest of the world. By 2023, the ecotourism industry is expected to grow to a total worth of over $338 billion, with over half of this growth coming from Europe.
By 2023, the ecotourism industry is expected to grow to a total worth of over $338 billion, with over half of this growth coming from Europe.
With such a large expected increase in eco-friendly travel to Norway in the next few years, this is the perfect time to go through some of the best eco-friendly activities that tourists can participate in while exploring this spectacular country. Here are the top five ecotourism activities and accommodations in Norway.
Beach in the Stavanger region - Jæren, Norway

Jæren Beaches

If you’re a beach lover, then Norway isn’t likely the first place that comes to mind. However, there is a section on the southern tip of Norway that possesses some of the most beautiful beaches you will ever see. Unlike the beaches of Miami or Mexico, the Jæren beaches are far more preserved and are an exceptional place for ecotourism.
This is because the entire seven miles of beaches are a conservation area that is dedicated to preserving the environment and promoting sustainability through wildlife and native plant conservation. This makes it the perfect place to walk, bike, or even horseback ride down the soft sandy beaches while admiring the colorful plants and majestic wildlife in the area.

Svartisen Glacier

Located near the base of the Svartisen glacier, this hotel goes above and beyond when it comes to sustainability. This is because it is the world’s first energy positive hotel, meaning that you are able to reduce your carbon footprint to absolutely zero while staying there.
This reason alone is enough to get many people to travel to the Arctic Circle and spend a few nights at this exquisite hotel.

The Hardangerfjord

A big part of ecotourism is exploring nature, which Norway has plenty of thanks to its spectacular fjords. Among them is the Hardangerfjord, which is the third-largest fjord in the world and an incredible spectacle to see.
Including over 100 miles of sparkling water, this impressive fjord is home to some of the best kayaking tours in the entire country. By including a cider experience with local food, providing the opportunity to experience some local cuisine prepared by residents, Hardangerfjord is truly one of the best ecotourism destinations in all of Norway.

Fretheim Hotel

If you happen to find yourself in or around Flåm, maybe as part of the E-bus to Stegastein from Flåm, then you are going to have some great accommodation options to choose from. But for someone looking to be a friend of the environment, there is a clear choice.
The Fretheim Hotel happens to be a certified Eco-Lighthouse hotel, which makes it the perfect option for ecotourists. One of the many things that make this Flåm hotel such a great ecotourism accommodation is its large collection of local cuisine that is produced by nearby residents to help support the surrounding communities.
Dogs ready for sledding  - Bodø, Norway

Dog Sledding

With over half of the country being covered in a layer of snow for the majority of the year, there are few places to go dog sledding that are better than Norway. This is especially true about the dog sledding trails in Tromsø, which are able to provide you with the once-in-a-lifetime experience of being pulled by a team of huskies while causing minimal disturbance to the surrounding arctic environment.
By participating in any of these activities or staying at these hotels, you are able to have the ultimate ecotourism experience while exploring some of Norway’s biggest appeal. To help book your ecotourism trip to Norway, contact our team today.

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