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The Trollfjord

Trollfjorden is located on the southernmost part of Vesterålen, just north of Svolvær. It's only three kilometers long, but what it lacks in length, it makes up for in a dramatic fashion!
The Trollfjord seen from above - Svolvær, Norway
Stian Klo
The short and narrow Trollfjorden is surrounded by steep, wild mountains. This fjord passage leads deep into the Trolltindan Mountain and ends at the dramatic Raftsundet.
This fjord is a popular destination for visitors, due to the beauty of the natural setting. The fjord is only accessible by boat, unless you want to hike 10 kilometers through very rugged terrain.
The name Trollfjorden is derived from the word troll, a mysterious and frightening creature from Norse mythology who dwells in mountains or caves.

Facts about The Trollfjord:

  • The Trollfjord is about 3 kilometers, while the mouth of the fjord is only 100 meters wide
  • The fjord is surrounded by mountains towering up to 1100 meters and the fjords maximum depth is 72 meters
  • The Hurtigruten stops in Trollfjorden on the journey between Stokmarknes and Svolvær
  • There are two powerplants in the fjord, harnessing the water from Trollvatnet and Botnavatnet
  • Parts of the 2016 movie Downsizing with Matt Damon was shot on location in Trollfjorden

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