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Fjærland is located in Sogndal municipality in Sogn og Fjordane. Here, the mighty Sognefjord meets the Jostedalsbreen Glacier and lots of peopleconsider Fjærland to be the most beautiful glacier village in the world!
Idyllic Fjærland - Norway
Kaykaing in Fjærland - Norway
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Fjærland is idyllically located where the mighty Sognefjord encounter the impressive Jostedalsbreen. Due to it`s glaciers, steep mointain sides, astonishing nature and a rich selection of experiences, Fjærland becomes more and more popular among travellers looking for new and exiting destinations.
Fishing in Fjærland - Norway
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Fjærland is a small village with only 300 inhabitants. Inspite the low number of inhabitants the village has a many as 10 bokshops. These are situated in the most strange places, including old barns, a storage for frozen goods, a ferry passenger waiting room and in boathouses. This is because Fjærland offically is an international city of books.
The landscape around Fjærland has been shaped by glaciers during the last 2,5 – 3 million years. The area has been populated since the viking age and the are findings of populations as far as back to the end of the stone age.
Beautiful Bøyabreen glacier - Fjord & Glacier trip to Fjærland, Norway
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The Norwegian Glacier Museum whic was opened in 1991 is one of the biggest attractions in Fjærland. It is situated at the end of Fjærlandsfjorden. The museum that was designed by the world famous architect Sverre Fehn has been awarded and is well worth a visit!