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Stavanger is best known as Europe's oil and energy capital, but there is no shortage of exciting, cultural and culinary experiences if you choose to spend your holiday here.
Couple in Fargegata in Stavanger -  Lysefjord in a nutshell - Stavanger, Norway
Street art in Stavanger -Lysefjord in a nutshell, Norway
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Culture & Food

In the city's vibrant center you will find a wide selection of exciting museums and small streets where you can stroll around, relax and enjoy life. In recent years, Stavanger has distinguished itself as one of the best food cities in Norway, with several Michelin restaurants and its own “Gladmat” Food festival. In Stavanger you are guaranteed to find something tasty no matter what your culinary preferences are.
The Pulpit Rock and Lysefjord - Stavanger, Norway
Stavanger Casper Tyberg


For the active traveler, there are numerous hiking opportunities in the Stavanger area. It is not only the well known Pulpit Rock you can easily reach when you are in Stavanger. The unique Kjeragbolten is also in a short distance from the city. If you do not suffer from fear of heights, you can go out on the bolt and get an amazing view of the Lysefjord.


For those who would like a tour on the beautiful Lysefjord, there are many options, whether you want a calm sightseeing tour or a more action-filled RIB boat trip. From the Lysefjord you can see the mighty Pulpit Rock from the sea side, and then you´ll understand why it is called the Pulpit Rock.
Cruise on the Lysefjord- Stavanger, Norway
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A Lysefjord RIB adventure

The Lysefjord, with its enormous variety of landscapes, waterfalls, cliffs, and caves, is an extreme natural experience by global standards. It is with considerable humility that we escort guests into this stunning, never-ending fjord with so much history hanging on its vertical walls.
Lysefjord offers the most fantastic cliff formations you can imagine. The Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock), a plateau 600 m above the fjord, is the most famous. On a Lysefjord RiB Adventure, you cruise the Lysefjord in a fast, open RIBs, with stops for sightseeing and photography.
Terje Rakke

Stavanger Cathedral

Stavanger Cathedral is Norway's oldest cathedral dating back to 1125. The bulk of the building is a fine example of Romanesque style with heavy arches and dog-tooth decoration but the structure also boasts a gothic choir built by English stonemasons in the 13th century.
Richard Larssen

Swords in Rock

The monument Sverd i fjell (Swords in rock) commemorates the battle at Hafrsfjord. This was where Harald Fairhair united Norway into one kingdom in 872. The monument consists of three swords that are fixed into the grown. They symbolize peace, unity, and freedom. The hilts of the Viking swords are taken from swords found in different parts of the country. The monument is made by Fritz Røed (1928-2002), and was unveiled by King Olav in 1983.

The best things to do in Stavanger

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Experience more with Lysefjord in a Nutshell™

This tour takes you to Preikestolen, the Pulpit Rock. The famous rock formation is known from movies including Mission Impossible and is one of Norway’s most photographed natural attractions. The tour includes a fjord cruise on the Lysefjord and the charming city of Stavanger.


  • A scenic fjord cruise with a view of Preikestolen
  • An optional hike to the top of Preikestolen (in summer season only)
  • An overnight stay in the lovely fjord city of Stavanger
  • Start in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, or Kristiansand
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