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Dog sledding in Tromsø

Husky Safari in Tromsø, Norway
Happy huskies on a sleigh ride in Tromsø, Norway
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A fantastic experience in a beautiful winter landscape!

  • Experience a husky sledding trip into the real Arctic environment!
  • Your friendly guide will meet you in Tromsø and take you on a comfortable bus ride to the amazing kennel surrounded by mighty mountains and deep valleys
  • Happy huskies eagerly await to take you out on exciting dog sledding adventure in wild and beautiful surroundings
Starting point
7 hr
1 December - 31 March
6 March - 31 March

Tour description

This tour starts in Tromsø, where you are picked up by your guide.
Upon arrival at the kennel, you will be suited with a comfortable and warm winter suit, winter shoes, and mittens to keep you warm during your dog sledding adventure. After a short introduction on how to handle the dogs and sleds, we will set out into the wilderness in pairs.
One will be the "musher" (driver), and one will be in the sled. You change places halfway, so both get to experience the thrill of mushing and the comfort of the sled. The huskies love to run, but be aware that you will have to play your part in helping the team up the slopes and difficult terrains. This is a fun and exciting experience, where you will also get a bit of a physical workout.
After a fun and exciting trip, you arrive rosy-cheeked and smiling back at the camp, where hot soup and drinks await!
Dogsledding is for almost for everyone, but you need to be physically healthy, as you will need to run and push the sled uphill. If you have any questions or doubts, please let us know.

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