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Round trip to Runde bird island

Runde Fugleøy - Rundtur fra Ålesund
Round trip from Ålesund to Runde Fugleøy - Close contact with puffins - Ålesund, Norway
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Experience the Bird Island of Runde on this exciting excursion!

  • Runde is home to almost 700 000 birds and this day trip takes you from Ålesund by bus and high-speed ferry to an amazing natural spectacle!
  • The island of Runde is a popular destination all year round but is spectacular in the summer due to its teeming bird life.
Starting point
8 hr 40 min
6 May - 23 December

Tour description

You start this tour in Ålesund and travel by high-speed ferry and bus to Runde, a popular destination all year round but particularly exciting in the summer due to the buzzing birdlife. Runde is located at the end of the sea gap with about 150 permanent residents.
During the season there are between 500,000 and 700,000 seabirds on the island, most of them live on the bird mountain. Around 80 species have been found breeding, and more than 230 species have been registered on the Bird island.
The Runde Bird Island is the most species-rich seabird island in the country. Birdlife is active year-round on the island, and in winter you can study the harshest species, which thrive in the harsh and wild climate.
You will have about 4 hours to explore Runde and the birds on the island. It is possible to see the colonies by hiking up the mountains along marked paths, but it is important to remember that rules have been introduced for conservation because of the vulnerable nature. The area is also fantastic for diving and fishing and has great opportunities for hiking adventures.
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