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Ålesund in Sunnmøre has a population of approx 50,000 and is the largest town in the county of Møre og Romsdal. It is known as the art nouveau town!
Art Nouveau style of Ålesund , Norway
Seaside in Ålesund, Norway
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Fjords, mountains, and the sea

Ålesund is the city where mountains and fjords meet the sea. In addition to the exciting Art Noveau architecture of the city, Ålesund is a perfect base for activities in all categories. Going just a bit further out of Ålesund there is a whole lot of fjords, mountains and islands ready to be discovered.

Art Nouveau city

Ålesund has a variety of towers, spiers and buildings with beautiful decorations, it is quite an adventure to stroll through this architectural city. Did you know that Ålesund is a part of Réseau Art Nouveau Network, a European network of Jugend style cities, including cities like Barcelona, Brussels, Vienna, Riga and Glascow?


When visiting Ålesund a hike up to Aksla viewpoint is a must. You may climb the 418 stairs up to the top or drive all the way, either way you will find the view unbeatable!
If you want to explore Ålesund from the seaside, a kayak trip from the city sentre is a great way to do that, and Ålesund offers kayak trips all year round. To discover the best from sea and mountain, combine it all in one trip and go for a hike and kayak with an experienced guide.
Activities in Ålesund - Art Nouveau kayak tour in Ålesund, Norway
Art Nouveau Kayaking in Ålesund Uteguiden AS

Ålesund’s Coastline

Norway’s coastline as a whole offers some of the most dramatic and stunning views in Europe. Historically, Ålesund’s coast was the catalyst for its growth as a market town as merchants settled along the shore. The easy access to rich fishing banks and useful seaways led to the development of the port that still thrives today.
When you visit the harbor, keep a lookout for the picturesque landmark of Holmbua. This warehouse escaped the devastating fire of 1904 and now contains The Fisheries Museum. This is a nautical museum that explores the history and culture of the fishing way of life, and it’s well worth a visit for travelers to Ålesund.
This stretch of coastline is also a hotspot for wildlife. There are plenty of sea safaris on offer which will take you along the cliffs to spot hundreds of seabirds. If you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of a sea eagle soaring above you, or a seal playfully swimming alongside your boat! You can also visit the famous bid island Runde, where over 500,000 birds come to nest between the months of April and August.
Fjord Norway/Mattias Fredriksson

Ålesund’s History

Holmbua isn’t the only museum that Ålesund has to offer! Make sure to visit The Art Nouveau Centre & the Art Museum to learn all there is to know about Ålesund’s classic facade. It’s located in the old Swan Pharmacy (Svaneapoteket) and is dedicated to showcasing authentic interiors and objects in the art nouveau style. It takes you through the history of the fire which almost destroyed the city and the process of rebuilding.
Another well-reviewed museum that many travelers flock to is Alnes Lighthouse on the island of Godøy. It is a protected building that embodies the heart of Norwegian coastal culture. It not only contains fascinating exhibitions but is also a hub for local souvenirs and handicrafts – so if you’d like to pick up a unique souvenir to take home with you, this is your chance to find the perfect item to remind you of Ålesund!
While you are in Ålesund you may hear people speaking of Ny-Ålesund, the world’s northernmost inhabited town. It’s located far from the main city of Ålesund since it lies in the northern archipelago of Svalbard. It was founded in 1916 when an Ålesund-based businessman bought the rights to mine the coal that was there. While the settlement is not officially linked with Ålesund, it is well worth adding to your to-visit list while you’re in Norway.
While Ålesund hasn’t traditionally seen as many visitors as certain other well-known Norwegian destinations, it’s well worth a visit. This true hidden gem of a town that offers everything you could ever want for a visit to Norway. Whether you are looking for art, culture, history, activities or nature - Ålesund has something for you to enjoy!
View towards the seven sisters - Geiranger Fjord, Geiranger, Norway
The Seven Sister Waterfalls Instagram.com/camillanordvik

The Geirangerfjord

The Art Noveau city is also the perfect spot for excursions to explore the famous Geirangerfjorden. From here you may join a cruise directly from the quay in Ålesund to the UNESCO world heritage site area Geiranger, which is surrounded by steep mountains and impressive waterfalls.
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The best things to do in Ålesund

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