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Fjord Tours Articles / 22 Mar 2019

Eco-Friendly Travel with Fjord Tours

Fjord Tours is a sustainable tour operator focusing on reducing the environmental footprints within tourism. We strive daily to make it easy for visitors to Norway to travel and explore in an eco-friendly way!

Traveling in Norway can be difficult due to the large distances, rugged terrain, weather and climate, as well as the general infrastructure. This is often a challenge for visitors who prefer traveling in an eco-friendly way, as well as operators like us who want to offer the best eco-friendly solution for visitors to Norway.  

In some cases, and because of great distances, an eco-friendly option is not always available or expedient. But we take pride in the fact that our largest and most popular tours use the eco-friendly options where available! 

We are one of the larges tour providers in Norway and offer attractive tours in spectacular nature all over Norway. Our tours and means of transport are mostly based on already existing public transport systems. The key components in our tours are therefore trains and electrical fjord cruise boats, which minimizes the eco-footprint and maximizes the benefits of our tours!  

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Norway is in the forefront of using new and environmentally friendly technology, also within travel and transportation. The common philosophy amongst our inhabitants is that environmental conservation is everyone’s responsibility. On our most popular tour Norway in a Nutshell®, travelers' journey through spectacular landscapes and fjords on trains, electric ferries and buses. 

As well as focusing on the on the environmental aspect of our tours, we cooperate closely with local activity-, transport- and accommodation providers. We set strict requirements to our collaborators and ensure that they operate within our standards. We also support them in creating long-term environmental and economic sustainability within their community. This local value creation is important for us and for our collaborators! 

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We have since November 2010 been a certified Eco-Lighthouse (Miljøfyrtårn) company. This is aeco-certification given to companies with a strong environmental strategy and focus on taking care of the environment in all the company's daily operations. Eco-Lighthouse is Norway's most widely used certification scheme for enterprises seeking to document their environmental efforts and demonstrate social responsibility. As early as in 2011 we also received the European Sustainable Toursism Award from The Vestas, when we were recognized as an example of a provider contributing to sustainable and responsible tourism in the category "Tour Package". 

As one of the largest tour providers in Norway, we take our responsibilities seriously. Fjord Tours will continue to seek out the best ways of letting visitors experience Norway in an eco-friendly and enjoyable way. 

We look forward to welcoming you to Norway! 

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