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Fjord Tours Articles / 30 Nov 2020

Roaming Rondane National Park

A 4-5 hour trip up the E6 highway from Oslo passing the 106 km. long lake Mjøsa and the ski resorts at Hafjell and Kvitfjell, you will find Norway’s stunning national park, Rondane.

Rondane is Norway's first officially sanctioned national park. It was sanctioned in 1962 and is located halfway between Oslo and Trondheim, just a short detour from the main highway. The park is packed with excellent hiking trails for all adventurers.

Around the edge of the park are many lighter hikes suitable for all ages and abilities. In the heart of the park, ten peaks reach over 2,000 meters above sea level.

With its tranquil, yet exciting landscape, Rondane national park is the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts who want to hike, or fish, or simply enjoy the drive.

Photo: Nasjonal turistveg Rondane - Jarle Wæhler / Statens vegvesen

There are many excellent starting points in the area. One of them is the Rondvassbu cabin beside Rondvatnet lake. This is the perfect spot for playful families as well as seasoned hikers eager to conquer one of the ten peaks that rise beyond 2,000 meters. The highest summit is Rondslottet (2,178m) meaning “the castle of Rondane”.

The Rondane triangle route is one of the most famous Norwegian multi-day hikes. The five-day trek takes you into the heart of Rondane and provides a beautiful introduction to the park. Other areas you can use as a base include the Grimsdalen valley and the popular school camp destination Høvringen.

011468 Werner Harstad, Statens Vegvesen
Photo: Nasjonal Turistveg Rondane - Werner Harstad / Statens Vegvesen

From Høvringen you can reach Formokampen, a family-friendly hike with rewarding views and ancient remnants of buildings used for trapping reindeer along the trail. One of Norway’s last remaining wild reindeer herds still lives here today. Maybe you’ll even be lucky enough to see them.

For the luckiest among you, maybe you will see the king of Norway, a giant moose. The animals are plentiful but frustratingly hard to find despite their huge appearance.

011669 Werner Harstad, Statens Vegvesen
Photo: Nasjonal Turistveg Rondane - Werner Harstad / Statens Vegvesen

For centuries, rivers have carved their way through the landscape creating mesmerizing waterfalls, like Ulafossen and Brudesløret. There are also many lakes to go fishing in or take a dip if the temperatures allow. Some farms and campsites even offer canoe and kayak rental.

If you have the opportunity, you should stop at the curving Sohlbergplassen viewing platform at Atnsjøen. The atmosphere in Harald Sohlberg’s famous painting from 1914 “Winter's Night in Rondane” is bewitching. The architect wanted to recreate this atmosphere and from Sohlbergplassen you can take in the view of Rondane from the same angle as portrayed in the painting.

007662 Jørn Hagen For Statens Vegvesen
Photo: Nasjonal Turistveg Rondane - Jørn Hagen, Statens Vegvesen

A popular cycle ride starts up on Venabygdsfjellet, from where you can see Mount Muen. After the descent down to the valley, at Enden, it is possible to make a 24-km return trip detour to the old timber church at Sollia. The ride continues from there through the long valley of Atndalen.

The baroque styled Sollia church, Aukrust center, and Sjokoladelåven (the chocolate barn) offer something for the whole family to enjoy.

Rondane is a more mellow, family-friendly alternative to the infamous and intimidating neighbor, Jotunheim National Park.

You can easily reach Rondane from the scenic town of Røros, or the action city of Åndalsnes.

007600 Helge Stikbakke Statens Vegvesen
Photo: Nasjonal Turistveg Rondane - Helge Stikbakke/ Statens Vegvesen