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  2. Bergen - Trondheim, via Geiranger and Gaularfjellet

Bergen - Trondheim, via Geiranger and Gaularfjellet

Not the quickest, but definitely the most beautiful drive between Bergen and Trondheim. Experience great highlights in Fjord Norway.
Trollstigen - National tourist road Geiranger-Trollstigen, Norway
Nasjonal turistveg Geiranger-Trollstigen - Steinar Skaar / Statens vegvesen
This route offers some of Norway's most popular tourist areas with amazing attractions and sights along the way. Experience Norway's beautiful coastal landscape, Trollstigen, the Geirangerfjord - a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the Art Nouveau Town of Ålesund. On this drive you will be filled with new experiences and impressions from your car.
In many places this route follows narrower roads, which takes you through some of the most spectacular destinations in the region. Among the highlights are Voss, Sognefjord, Gaularfjell and Geiranger known for the ""Seven Sisters"" waterfall and small farms clinging to the mountain sides. The Geirangerfjord is on UNESCO's World Heritage List and the term "the world's most beautiful fjord" is no exaggeration. On the tour you will also stop by the Art Nouveau town of Ålesund and get to experience the coastal scenery around Kristiansund and Molde.
This is a rather long route, which ideally should be spread over several days. On and along the route you will find sevral options for accommodation and activity providers. If you want to go on a hiking trip there are loads of marked hiking routes in the areas that you pass.


  • Distance: Approx. 920 kilometres
  • Drive time: 18 hours 30 minutes
  • Ferries: Yes, multiple
  • Tolls: Yes
  • Special conditions: None

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