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  2. Trondheim - Bodø, via Helgelandskysten

Trondheim - Bodø, via Helgelandskysten

Breathtaking scenery, six ferry rides, a magnificent coastline and beautiful mountains.
The trip between Trondheim and Bodø follows highway 17 along the Helgeland coastline, the longest of the 18 national tourist routes.
On this tour you cross the Arctic Circle and get to experience varied landscapes ranging from the large ocean, beautiful mountains and fascinating natural phenomenas such as the ocean current Saltstraumen, the hole in the mountain Trollhatten and the Seven Sisters mountain range. In the northern parts of the route, nature is marked by dramatic mountains, but along the way you will pass a fascinating coastline dense with islands and rich cultural landscape.
The tour goes past Svartisen, Norway's second largest glacier. In the summer the days are long and bright, and during the midnight sun season, the sun never sets.
Along the way you can take detours and excursions that offers great variety. A trip to Vega or one of the other islands in the region is highly recommended, or take a timeout on a cycling trip or a kayak tour. Speedboat and ferry connections are good, which gives you great opportunities for some nice detours.


  • Distance: Approx. 800 kilometres
  • Drive time: 13 hours 45 minutes
  • Ferries: Yes
  • Tolls: Yes
  • Special conditions: None

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