Photo: © Kyrre Wangen / Flåm Utvikling


Myrdal is the upper point of the Flåm railway and only accessible by train.

Myrdal is located on the Bergen Railway in Aurland municipality in Sogn og Fjordane. There is no road connection to Myrdal although there are some cabins and a hotel in the area.

Myrdal station is located between two tunnels on the Bergen Railway, the Gravahals tunnel to the west and the Vatnahals tunnel to the east. The station is situated at an altitude of 867 metres.

Myrdal is the upper station on the Flåm Railway and the majority of passengers using this station are changing trains. For example if you are travelling on the Norway in a Nutshell® round trip, this is the station where you change from the Bergen Railway to the Flåm Railway or vice versa.