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With its 4800 inhabitants Svolvær is actually the largest «city» in Lofoten. A spectacular location in between the mountain and the sea and a rich urban life that is unexpected for a town of this size characterize Svolvær.

Unforgettable Svolvær is regarded as the gate to Lofoten. The coastal line, Hurtigruten, docks here daily and connects the place to the rest of the Norwegian coast. The city also has an airport with daily departures for Bodø and Oslo. 

Mountain Hiking

Surrounded by breathtaking mountain formations and peaks, there are endless hiking opportunities around Svolvær. The most famous being «Svolværgeita» - a sculptural peak that looks like something out of a fantasy movie. As it is not complicated to climb, it is an extremely popular destination. The peaks of Fløya, Tuva, Blåtind, Kongstinden and Tjeldbergtinden are other rocky favorites of the area.

Svolvær is the center of the Vågan municipality, which is somewhat of a center for art and artists in Northern-Norway and home to the North Norwegian Art Centre that has a rolling exhibition and events calendar. The fishing industry is naturally still an important part of everyday life her, and the municipality of Vågan is one of Norway’s largest exporters of fish.

The face of the town is made up of the traditional fisherman’s huts called «rorbuer» as well as an impressive number of restaurants, cafés, and bars. You’ll find a rich picking of local products on the menu here, but also places offering more international fare. Svolvær provides Lofoten with a «touch of urbanity».

Svolvær is an all-year destination and visiting during the winter to observe the northern lights, go mountain skiing, winter fishing etc. is highly recommended. Choose Svolvær as a point of departure for exploring the nature of Lofoten and give it a relaxed start with a cruise on the Trollfjorden in a noiseless hybrid-vessel.

In the fantasy realm of Lofoten, only your own imagination sets the limits for the experiences you can have in nature here. In Svolvær, the gate to this realm is wide open, all you have to do is walk in!

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