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Lofoten - The majestic archipelago of adventure

Lofoten is often referred to as the world's most beautiful archipelago, and for good reason! Here you will find countless opportunities for magnificent experiences and wonderful recreation in beautiful nature.
Hamnøy Bridge  - Reine - Lofoten Islands in a nutshell, Reine, Norway
Moskenes in Lofoten Islands
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Northern Lights & Midnight Sun

If you visit the archipelago north of the Arctic Circle, you are guaranteed magical moments all year round. In the winter night you can see the northern lights dancing in the sky over you and in the summer the midnight sun shines 24/7. It is in such moments that you feel you are truly alive!

The Lofoten Islands in a nutshell™ tour

If you want to experience Lofoten without a car, Lofoten Islands in a nutshell™ tour is an ideal and effortless way to do so. Experience the beautiful landscape and idyllic villages on this self-guided tour.
Midnight sun in Lofoten - Lofoten Islands in a nutshell - Reine, Norway

Wildlife in Lofoten

The historic fishing villages, pointed mountain peaks and white beaches characterize Lofoten, but did you know that there is also an exciting and diverse animal kingdom here? If you join a boat excursion, you can experience both sea eagles and killer whales up close; a sight one soon forgets!

Lofoten Fishing

Lofoten is known for excellent fishing with its rich amounts of fish, so the chance is good that you will catch some. On the fishing trip, the most common fishes to catch are cod, pollock, haddock, and mackerel. Join in on a fishing trip and catch your own fish. Along the way, you will experience the Lofoten archipelago with steep mountains, islets, and sheaves.
Fishing trip in Lofoten - Things to do in Svolvær - Lofoten, Norway
Fishing in Lofoten

Fjord & Ocean

One of the most famous fjords in Norway, Trollfjorden, is easy to reach by boat when you are in Lofoten. The narrow and magical fjord is surrounded by mighty mountains, and if you look closely, you can discover the outline of a troll in the mountain wall.
If you want a close up experience, a kayak trip in Lofoten is a perfect activity for you. In Reine there are a variety of kayak trips all year round where you can see and experience the dramatic landscape from the sea side. How does a kayak trip under the midnight sun sound?

Lofoten Alps

In addition to beautiful natural phenomena, fjords and fishing, Lofoten is also an eldorado for mountain lovers. If you are tough enough, you can climb the famous "Svolvær goat", a real adrenaline kick! If you prefer slightly smaller altitude challenges, take the hike up to Reinebringen and enjoy the view of Lofoten's beautiful islands and mountains. The possibilities are many, take the trip yourself and see!

The best things to do in Lofoten

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