Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik

Biking through the sights

Get close to nature and experience the wonders of the Norwegian landscape through the excitement of a cycling trip.

Cycling and mountain biking in Norway

Stunning scenery, diverse cycle trails and mountain biking tracks 

If you want to get close to nature and truly experience the wonder that is the Norwegian landscape, a biking adventure might be the perfect solution. Whether you are looking for demanding slogs up mountain trails, or biking through picturesque villages in the Norwegian fjord landscape, you'll always find something that suits you in Norway.


The Navvies' Road - Rallarvegen

The most popular biking trip in Norway is riding the Rallarvegen or The Navvies' Road. This is an exceptionally beautiful cycle route that will leave unforgettable impressions, from "the Roof of Norway" down to the fjord. 

This cycling adventure can be started in Oslo, Bergen, Geilo, Haugastøl, or Flåm and you can customize the trip to include a mesmerizing fjord cruise or a trip with the scenic Flåm Railway.


Norway on two wheels