Photo: Geiranger Fjordservice

E-bike rental in Geiranger

Want to bicycle around Geiranger, be rewarded with stunning views, and get up to the viewpoints in an easy way? Then an electric bike rental is a perfect solution!

2 hours
01.APR - 15.OCT

Geiranger's well-known and breathtaking scenery provides the perfect backdrop for some of the most outstanding biking to be had in Norway. Renting a top-quality electric bike is a great way of getting around and seeing the sights in a sustainable way.

Activity Description

Before you start your cycling adventure, you will get a thorough introduction to the electric bike, important safety instructions, and information on how to get to the famous viewpoints, including Dalsnibba and Flydalsjuvet.

You will get a whole new experience of Geiranger from the bike seat. On the trip up the mountainside or along the fjord, you can really enjoy the powerful impressions with a smile on your face. We recommend that you make some stops along the way to view the beautiful fjord landscape and take some photos for your memory book or Instagram account.

An active, comfortable, and sustainable bike ride in a scenic landscape, could it be better?

Take care of nature on an electric bike ride in Geiranger!


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