Sea Eagle Safari to Trollfjord

Join in on a sea eagle safari from Svolvær to the majestic Trollfjord. Here you will experience Lofoten's magnificent nature with steep mountains, beautiful beaches, and crystal clear seawater.

2 hours
Suitable for all
01.JAN - 31.DEC

Trollfjorden is one of the most visited destinations in Lofoten during the summertime, and it is easy to understand why. This small fjord with its dramatic landscape is spectacular to visit, but also has a dramatic history. The Trollfjord battle is central in the fishing history of Norway when small independent fishermen went "to war" against the first industrial-type vessels to fish in these waters. The story of the Trollfjord has fascinated and inspired a number of famous writers and painters.

Tour description

You meet your guide at the floating jetty in Svolvær, and after clothing and safety instructions you are ready for your RIB adventure.

The area has a very large population of Northern Europe's largest eagle. With a wingspan of up to 2.65 m, the sea eagle is a fantastic sight. You will feed the sea eagle with fish and there will be many opportunities to take nice pictures.

Along the route, we will stop at several Viking places and other sights and will tell local stories from there. This safari will give you a closeness to nature that is unique, and is highly recommended!

Welcome to a fun and exciting trip to Trollfjorden in Lofoten!


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