Photo: Jon Hunnålvatn Tøn

Guided kayak tour in Ulvik

Join in on a scenic kayak tour on the Hardangerfjord from Ulvik! Get close to spectacular waterfalls, steep mountainsides, and lush orchards from the kayak seat.

3 hours
01.MAY- 30.SEP

Ulvik is a charming village, situated in a beautiful fjord landscape by the Hardangerfjord. On this guided kayak tour, you will get a closer look at the unique fjord landscape surrounding Ulvik, and get close up to the small villages along the fjord.

Tour description

You meet your guide in the garden at Brakanes Hotel in Ulvik. Before heading out on the fjord you will prepare your equipment and cover the plan for the day. All necessary equipment needed is included. 

From the kayak, you glide silently through the water and get really close to the fjord and the spectacular nature. You will experience the best of Ulvik and the Hardangerfjord on the fjord itself. The local guide ensures a safe experience and makes sure you hear the best stories about the area.

After three hours in the lush fjord landscape, you return to Ulvik filled with beautiful fjord impressions.



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