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Norway in Spring

Visiting Norway during springtime is a fantastic option. Norway in spring gives visitors the chance to see the beautiful nature in full bloom – and the warmer season offers opportunities for hiking, biking, skiing, kayaking and much more depending on what part of Norway you’d like to visit. Start planning your next trip to experience the beauty of Norway in the springtime
A quiet fjord cruise on the Geirangerfjord - Geiranger , Norway
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What is Norway like in the spring?

Norway’s spring season is a lovely time of year for both locals and foreign visitors. The winter season in Norway can be long and dark, and the first signs of spring are always a welcome sight for Norwegians. For those who enjoy sports and outdoor activities, spring is a fantastic time to be in Norway – and when the ice and snow melts and the first flowers start blooming in spring, there are plenty of excited Norwegians who are keen to pack away their skis in favor of long bike rides and hikes in the milder weather. 
Norwegians love to see the spring arrive each year, and you’ll see lots of people enjoying the Norwegian tradition of "utepils" – drinking beer outside. Norwegians aren’t afraid of the cold, and will sit outside bars and restaurants enjoying a drink with friends or family starting in very early spring if the temperatures allow. The key to enjoying "utepils" is to grab a table in the sun if possible since the warmth of the sun will keep the cold away. But still, it’s not unusual to see people wearing hats and putting blankets over their legs to keep warm while enjoying their first outside drink of the year.
Gudbrandsjuvet - Norway
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Is spring a good time to visit Norway?

Spring is a wonderful season to visit Norway. For nature lovers, spring in Norway brings out the best of what the country has to offer – blooming flowers and greenery and plenty of opportunities for spotting the local wildlife. When springtime comes around every year, nature seems to explode with life. To really get a sense of Norway during spring, we highly recommend visiting blooming Hardanger!
In addition to the joy of seeing nature coming back to life after a long winter, the public holidays in Norway during the spring months add to the enjoyment of the season. 17 May, Norway’s national day, marks a special occasion in the spring with most people outside enjoying the festivities.

What’s the weather like in Norway during spring?

During the spring season, the weather is generally mild in Norway. During the months of March, April and May, the days start to get longer after a dark winter, with the temperatures warming up all across the country.
Cider Experiences in Hardanger - Lofthus and Odda, Hardangerfjord - Norway
Visit Hardangerfjord

What is there to do in Norway in the spring?

Norway offers plenty of variety in terms of experiences, activities and sights to see during springtime. In the spring, the stunning scenery around the fjords are in full bloom, and the melting snow in the mountains creates free-flowing waterfalls – so it’s a fantastic time to explore fjord Norway. 
The world-famous, UNESCO-protected Geirangerfjord is a sight to behold any time of year, but springtime is a truly spectacular time to see this natural wonder. You can explore this stunning area with a peaceful kayaking tour or a fast-paced fjord safari on a RIB boat adventure. The Hardangerfjord is a natural icon of springtime in Norway, with its blossoming apple trees coming to life every year. The area is famous for its stunning scenery and delicious apple cider which is produced locally according to traditions. Why not join in on a tasty Cider tour in the Hardangerfjord?
Spring is a fantastic time to enjoy the many scenic hikes and bike rides Norway has to offer. However, those hoping to enjoy the snow in Norway will have plenty of opportunities to do just that if they plan a trip to northern Norway during the spring. In fact, spring skiing, known as "vårskiturer" in Norwegian, is one of the most popular activities during this time of year. 
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In the colder parts of Norway, you’ll be able to go skiing during the spring months. In mountainous areas and in the north of Norway, there are plenty of great skiing destinations. The Hardangervidda mountain plateau is a very popular destination for springtime skiers. Just remember to put on your sunscreen and bring sunglasses, as you can easily get a sunburn while out skiing during the spring in Norway!
Beyond skiing, there are plenty of other chances to enjoy exciting and unique snow experiences during your spring trip to Norway. You could go on a fast-paced snowmobile adventure or a dog sledding excursion in the Arctic landscape around Tromsø if you’re keen to explore the north of Norway. 
If you’d like to get a great and comprehensive overview of Norway during spring, you should join in on our popular Norway in a nutshell® tour? During the tour, you can add activities and adventures and stay overnight along the route to truly experience the beauty of Norway in the blossoming springtime!
Experience the Nærøyfjord with electric "Vision of the fjords" on the Norway in a nutshell® tour by Fjord Tours
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