Photo: Visit Hardangerfjord

Cider Tasting in Ulvik

Visit a traditional fruit- and cider farm by the Hardangerfjord and get a taste of the famous "Cider from Hardanger"! The unique climate along the Hardangerfjord provides optimal conditions for producing apples of very high quality. On this tour, you will learn more about the history of cider production in Norway, and how the famous Hardanger Cider is made. You will of course get several tastes of the precious drops too!

2 hours
12.JUN - 13.AUG

Welcome to Hardanger, home of Norwegian cider! Here, the process of producing cider has been perfected for generations. The popularity of the Hardanger Cider is continuously reaching new heights and products are now even being internationally recognized.

Tour description

You start this tour from Brakanes Hotel in Ulvik where a bus takes you to one of the beautiful fruit- and cider farms along the fjord. As you arrive at the fruit farm, a guide will meet you and take you on a guided tour of the farm.

On the tour, you will learn more about how traditional Hardanger cider is made and you will be treated to several tasty samples of different cider types. Your guide will answer questions you may have about the production, taste, or history of the unique Hardanger cider. You will also have time to visit the farm shop selling products from the farm, in case you want to bring some of the precious drops back home to share with friends and family!

After a couple of hours on the farm, you take a leisurely stroll back down to Ulvik center. You will walk through sweet-smelling orchards while enjoying fabulous views of the beautiful Hardangerfjord.


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