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Here's what you'll experience at this record-setting underwater restaurant

There are a lot of fantastic things to experience on land in Norway, but there is a new exciting activity that takes you under the water. At the southern tip of Norway in Lindesnes, you can find the world's largest underwater restaurant.
Sitting at five meters below sea level, this magnificent restaurant "Under" offers a dining experience that is far different than any other restaurant in the world. If you are interested in visiting this newly built restaurant, then here is what you can expect from dining in the depths of the sea.

Dinner and a Show

It wouldn't be of much use to have an underwater restaurant if the building was completely closed off from its beautiful underwater scenery. Luckily, Under has a massive glass back wall that allows its guests to stare out into the deep blue sea while they eat.
By using artificial lighting, the restaurant is able to draw plankton close to the building, which in turn brings in large collections of other exotic fish. This helps to ensure that the customers get a view of the many gorgeous types of underwater life that exist in the area while they dine.

World-Class Food

Not only are the views incredible, but the food is as well. This is thanks to the diverse menu that includes only the best of the local cuisine. Not only is there obviously a large collection of seafood available, but they also offer a selection of various wild sheep and seabirds that can all be naturally found in the surrounding areas such as Kristiansand.
All of the menu items are prepared under the careful supervision of world-renowned chef Nicolai Ellitsgaard Pedersen, so you can feel confident that you will leave this spectacular restaurant with a full stomach and a smile on your face.
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Under Restaurant - Lindesnes, Norway
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