Foto: Øystein Ormåsen

Guided Wanderung nach Kiellandbu von Voss

Stellen Sie sich vor, Sie wandern durch neblige Bergtäler, entlang eines kristallklaren Flusses und über Holzbrücken. In der Ferne sendet ein Rabe seinen düsteren Ruf über die Berge.

8 Stunden
10.JUN - 20.OKT

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The fascinating and popular Kiellandbu is a small cabin, spectacularly placed near the edge of a cliff. Behind it, you see a narrow fjord, and near the horizon: a perfectly white glacier. Kiellandbu is truly a place of mountain magic!

Tour description

This tour starts from Voss where you meet your guide at the "Tre Brør" cafe. From here, a car will bring you to the starting point of your hike to Kiellandbu. The drive takes approximately 30 minutes, passing through pleasant scenery on the way.

The hiking tour starts near Hodnaberg Powerplant, close to the lake called Hamlagrøvatnet. This means that you are in the mountains right from the start. At first, you and your guide follow a gravel road southwards, gaining altitude along the way. Then you exit onto a marked path that forks near Kvålsdalstjørni.

After crossing a sway bridge with a crystal clear river underneath, you follow the path south through Hardingaskardet. Traversing steeply up the hill towards Sveindalseggi, you can enjoy the increasingly wild scenery you are surrounded by. After about 2,5 hours, you arrive at Kiellandbu where you can enjoy your lunch and marvel at the amazing view!

On the return trip, you either follow the same path back to Hodnaberg, or traverse Sveindalsnuten (1065) to enjoy the views. Maybe you fancy a swim in a cool, clear mountain lake on your way back? This trip to Kiellandbu is guaranteed to be a truly memorable experience!


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