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Christmas in Tromsø

Tromsø is one of the most popular Norwegian Christmas destinations, and you can’t go wrong with a visit to this polar city during the holidays. If you’re looking for that magical Christmas feeling, there’s no better place to find it than Tromsø.
Arctic Tromsø- Norway
In this beautiful Arctic city, surrounded by wild nature and snow-capped mountains, possibly with a gorgeous view of the northern lights dancing across the sky above you, you’re sure to discover the magic of Christmas.
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What is Tromsø like in December?

If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, you can’t go wrong with northern Norway! The winter is a fantastic time to visit Tromsø, and you’re almost guaranteed to find a blanket of snow on the ground if you come at Christmas.
With the darkness of the polar night (the sun sets in late November and doesn’t rise again until the end of January), the many glittering lights and decorations illuminate the streets of Tromsø beautifully. Though the days and nights are dark and cold, the atmosphere in the vibrant city of Tromsø is cozy and festive, with plenty of fun Christmas activities to take part in and delicious festive foods to sample. Tromsø is a wonderful destination for a holiday at Christmastime, with plenty to do and see for the whole family.
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What is there to do in Tromsø at Christmas?

Christmas in Tromsø is a lovely time of the year when this beautiful city really shines – and there’s plenty to do. If you’re planning a visit to Tromsø this holiday season, you can combine Christmas shopping, nature experiences, and much more.
The city center of Tromsø is always decorated beautifully at Christmastime, with lights and decorations illuminating the narrow cobbled streets and charming little shops. You’ll find a range of different museums and art galleries in the city center that are well worth a visit during your stay. There are also plenty of cozy cafés and restaurants that you can nip into to warm up while you’re out shopping or enjoying the sights of the city. If you’d like to make your trip extra magical, why not go skating in the ice rink in the city center during your visit, where you’ll have a stunning view of the Arctic Cathedral and the historical Fjellheisen cable car?
A big attraction for travelers to northern Norway in the winter is the many traditional activities one can take part in, such as dogsledding in the beautiful winter wonderland, snowmobiling, or going on an Arctic Fjord Cruise or even a Silent Whale Watching cruise. By joining a northern lights tour, you’ll get the chance to see these fascinating lights dancing across the sky – in the dark of winter, there are fantastic opportunities for getting a good view of this natural phenomenon. There are several ways of experiencing the spectacular Northern Lights!
Husky Safari in Tromsø, Norway

Are there Christmas markets in Tromsø?

Tromsø has several fantastic Christmas markets to offer, where you can walk around to take in the cozy atmosphere and sample some of the local food and drinks. These markets usually start in late November and run all through December, and are dotted around the city. Warm-up with a hot chocolate or try gløgg, which is a mulled wine Norwegians drink at Christmas, as you browse the market stalls and take in the festive atmosphere.
You’ll have plenty of chances to pick up some Christmas gifts to bring back home with you, as you’ll be able to browse stalls full of handmade goods by local artists and designers. There are also many small, independent shops selling locally made jewelry, art, traditional crafts and much more.
Norwegian Lutefisk

What Christmas foods are typical in Tromsø?

For many Norwegians, Christmas is the most important holiday of the year, with many traditions related to food and the enjoyment of the holiday. Tromsø is known for being a culinary hotspot, with many restaurants focusing mainly on in-season local ingredients and traditional cooking methods.
If you’d like to tuck into a Norwegian Christmas meal in Tromsø, there are plenty of options! You’ll be able to enjoy traditional Norwegian festive foods like ribbe (pork belly) and lutefisk (dried cod) at well-known establishments like Mathallen – and don’t forget to sample the classic Norwegian Christmas dessert riskrem, which is a delicious rice pudding served with red sauce.
Tromsø is a magical place, and what could be better than visiting this Arctic city at Christmastime? With its cold weather and plenty of snow, Tromsø provides the perfect backdrop for your Christmas holiday. Just be sure to bundle up nice and warm during your visit!
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The best things to do in Tromsø

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