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How to stay warm and koselig this winter

Anyone who has ever taken a trip to Norway during the winter season knows just how vicious the Norwegian winters have the potential to be. This is especially true for Northern Norway where you can find really cold temperatures. So how do Norwegians tolerate the cold and long winter? With the “philophy of koselig” of course.
Somehow, despite frigid temperatures and seemingly endless darkness, Norwegians remain some of the happiest people in the world. This has many people from more temperate climates wondering what it is about the Norwegian lifestyle that allows them to remain in high hopes and good health throughout the dreaded winter season.
One of the main factors that helps Norwegians tolerate the winter is the "philosophy of koselig". This is a concept that many foreigners struggle to comprehend because it does not have a direct translation in most languages. A fairly close translation is “cozy.”
But "cozy" fails to fully encompass exactly what it means to have it koselig. Koselig is more than just being cozy, and essentially includes any object, activity, or another element that provides inner joy or provokes warm, fuzzy feelings.
Most Norwegians have mastered how to get koselig by the time they are young adults, which is what allows them to make it through the dark and gloomy winters every year. Here is how you can manage to stay warm and koselig this winter season.

Get Comfortable and Warm Winter Clothing

The idea of picking fashion over function when it comes to winter clothing is completely foreign to most Norwegians. This is because the cold winter weather makes looking trendy a difficult task during the coldest months of the year. That is why almost all Norwegians strive to own several pieces of winter clothing that are incredibly comfortable and great at keeping out the cold.
Having a sufficient amount of winter clothing helps keep you warm and happy. No one can possibly feel koselig when either their feet, face, or hands, are almost frozen solid. However, purchasing a fancy pair of winter gloves or being given a really soft scarf is a great way to help someone feel warm and koselig in the winter.

Introduce a Bit of Fire to Your Life

What better way is there to warm up during the winter season than with a fire? This obviously does not mean that you should wander out into the brush and start campfires whenever you feel like it. This would be a good way to accidentally start a forest fire, which is not koselig at all—in fact, you can’t get further from koselig than a forest fire. However, when used properly, candles and fireplaces can be some of the most helpful tools on someone's journey to koselig.
This goes far beyond their ability to provide warmth, although that is a big benefit, especially during the winter season. They also provide a distinctive ambiance that creates a very peaceful and romantic feeling. So, whether you are with your family, work friends or your significant other, setting up candles and utilizing a fireplace can be the perfect way to help you achieve warmth and koselig in the winter.

Get to know the Norwegians

The typical Norwegian cherishes nature and embraces the great outdoors. Minimalist in design and lifestyle, they prioritize practicality. Norwegians honor heritage and folklore, fostering a vibrant, inclusive society that blends tradition with a modern, open-minded outlook while embracing sustainability.