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Why Norway Is Perfect for Adventure Travelers

Norway is often referred to as a dream destination for adventure travelers. The varied Norwegian landscapes provide adventurers with a rich diversity of outdoor activities to choose from throughout the year, including hiking, biking, skiing, kayaking, and rock climbing, to name a few. There's no shortage of thrilling experiences to be had in Norway's great outdoors!
Happy girls cimbing the Via ferrata to Trolltunga. Odda, Norway
Trolltunga Active
When traveling to Norway, many of us want to combine relaxing in serene nature with memorable outdoor activities. Here are some ideas and inspiration for getting active when you visit Norway.
Romsdalsstigen West Wall Via Ferrata  - Things to do in Åndalsnes, Norway
Matti Bernitz

Mountain Climbing

It should come as no surprise that Norway has more than its fair share of opportunities to go mountain climbing. After all, the country contains over 600 mountains, many of which are frequently climbed by both thrill-seeking tourists and locals.
For those who are looking to make a statement, Galdhøpiggen is the ideal mountain climbing destination. With a peak that is 8,100 feet above sea level, Galdhøpiggen is the highest mountain in Norway, but it is a challenge worth doing. Once you reach the top, you are treated to breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and outstretching Norway scenery.
If Galdhøpiggen is too big of an undertaking, there are also several Via Ferrata tours, climbing parks, high ropes courses and canyoning options available in Norway. Check out all of our Climbing Activities.
Voss rafting


The beauty and tranquility that Norwegian cruises offer is definitely appealing to a wide range of people. However, some people like to step up their water travel a few notches by instead deciding to try rafting instead. The many different Norwegian rivers provide an amazing opportunity to go rafting that cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world.
If you are looking for a more novice level rafting experience, then your best bet is to head into Oppland county, where the Sjoa River provides endless entertainment for thousands of people every year. However, for those that want to prove their skills and laugh in the face of Mother Nature, they are better off heading up to Voss, where they will be challenged every step of the way and are guaranteed to get soaked.
Fjord Tours offers white water rafting adventures in Voss, Sjoa, Geilo and several of other places in Norway. Check out all white water rafting activities in Norway here.
Dog sledding - Tromsø, Norway
Lyngsfjord Adventure

Dog Sledding

Adventure seekers who also happen to be animal lovers will be sure to not want to miss the opportunity to go dog sledding in Norway. Thanks to its largely snow-covered landmass in the wintertime, dog sledding is incredibly popular all throughout the country.
Most people do not realize just how adventurous some dog sled tours can get until they actually start them. Depending on the type of tour and what the weather is like, it is possible that the dog sled might reach speeds of up to 25 km/hour. While this is certainly not life-threatening speeds, it is far faster than most people are able to achieve when riding their bike, and it is more than fast enough to provide its fair share of thrills.
Lyngsfjord in Tromsø is especially known for dog sledding tours, but Fjord Tours provides dog sledding and snow tours all over the country. To find your next adventure, visit our page for Dog Sledding and Snow Tours.
Flåm Zipline, Flåm Railway and bike ride - Flåm zipline - Flåm, Norway
Flåm Zipline

Other action sports

There are loads of examples og exciting things to do in Norway that would appeal to any adventure traveler. Ziplines, indoor skydiving, guided SUP tours, via ferrata tours, riverboarding and canyoning are just a few examples.
Visit our category for Action Sports and experience your next exciting adventure with Fjord Tours.