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Sognefjord in a Nutshell™ highlights  

The Ledleys experienced Flåm and the famous Norwegian fjords on their visit to Norway. This is the very best experiences on the Sognefjord in a Nutshell tour.
Family of four on deck on a fjord cruise  - Sognefjord in a Nutshell
The Ledleys wanted to see as much as possible on their Scandinavian vacation. They visited both Stockholm and Copenhagen before arriving in Oslo, Norway's biggest city. They then headed to the incredible fjords of Western Norway and Bergen on Sognefjord in a Nutshell™ to experience more than just the capital.
“I used to travel with my parents when I was a kid. I wanted to show my kids the same kind of thing," says Gary Ledley.
The Sognefjord in a Nutshell™ tour provides comfortable transport with seamless connections. You can start your tour from Oslo, Bergen, and even more locations, making it easy to combine in with your other travel plans.
You can stay at each destination for as long as you like. Either way, you'll get to experience the very best of Norway.
“I was the one who planned the trip. The website was so organized, you could just 'click, click, click' to select your choices,” says Deborah Ledley. 
Although the Ledleys spent just two days on their tour, they are convinced their memories will last much, much longer. Here are their top highlights.
Fjord cruise on the Sognefjord - Sognefjord in a nutshell
The fjord cruise on the Sognefjord is spacious and comfortable.

Experience more with Sognefjord in a Nutshell™

Enjoy a fjord cruise on the spectacular Sognefjord, the second longest fjord in the world. Experience two of the world’s most beautiful train rides, the Flåm Railway and Bergen Railway.
The trip can be completed in a single day but is best when combined with an overnight stay in Flåm or Balestrand.


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The very best experiences on Sognefjord in a Nutshell

1. An amazing fjord cruise on the Sognefjord

Experience the breathtaking Sognefjord up close. Cruise the world's second longest and deepest fjord, with mountain peaks towering 2,000 meters above. Experience authentic Norway as you pass small towns with traditional houses along the waterfront.
The Aurlandsfjord is surrounded by mighty mountain peaks that are 1,400 meters high. You may feel small as you glide through the majestic landscape of this arm of the Sognefjord.
“The fjord cruise was stunning,” say the Ledleys.

The modern vessel has plenty of space on the viewing deck. Enjoy the view all around you and feel the breeze in your hair. The seats inside are also comfortable.
Be sure to sample a svele from the café on board - a traditional pancake that is a favorite with locals.
Family hugging and looking out on the Sognefjord
The Ledley family enjoying the fjord cruise on the Sognefjord

2. The Scenic Flåm Railway

Step aboard the historic Flåm Railway and get ready for a journey back in time. The train runs between the high mountain station of Myrdal and the fjord village of Flåm, passing through fairy tale landscapes all along the way.
The ride took the Ledleys past snow-capped mountains stretching towards the clouds, lush forest, and powerful waterfalls rushing down sheer cliffs. At the biggest waterfall, Kjosfjossen, the train makes a stop so passengers can disembark and take some photos in the beautiful surroundings.
“We loved Flåmsbana, especially the waterfall. It was amazing,” says Deborah.
Experience the scenic Flåm Railway on the Norway in a nutshell® tour by Fjord Tours
The Flåm Railway is known as one of the best train rides in the world.

3. The serene fjord village of Balestrand

Nestled by the fjord and set among stunning mountains, life runs a little more slowly here. Mingle with the locals and explore the charming and narrow streets of this fjord-side town where everything is just a short distance away.
Discover historic buildings with Swiss and Dragestil architecture. Do you recognize the St. Olaf's Church? The church was the inspiration behind the locations in the Disney hit Frozen.
The Ledleys chose to spend a night and explore the culture heritage in Balestrand. They stayed at the historic Kviknes Hotel, which dates all the way back to 1752.
Kviknes Hotel right by the Sognefjord - Balestrand, Norway
The list of royalty, presidents, prime ministers, movie stars, and artists who have had Kviknes Hotel as their base in Norway is long.
“We absolutely loved Balestrand. The hotel was lovely, and we got to try lots of delicious food. We particularly loved that there were so many varieties of salmon,” says Deborah.
There are plenty of exciting activities on offer too. Go kayaking, experience glaciers up close, and more. Deborah and her family opted for a RIB boat tour to Finnabotn.
“The RIB boat tour was the highlight of our whole trip,” she recalls.
Fjord and snow capped mountains
The serenity in Balestrand is simply unique.

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4. Traditional Norwegian food in Flåm

This picturesque village at the head of the Aurlandsfjord is home to the historic Flåm Railway. You can experience the Aurlandsfjord from the Stegastein viewpoint and sample a real dinner for Vikings! There are many exciting activities on offer.
In Flåm, Gary had a chance to sample traditional food from Norway, including rømmegrøt, a rich porridge made with sour cream. The dish was served with cured meat and Norwegian flat bread.
“It was really good! It was very different from anything else that I have tried. I love trying new things,” smiles Gary.
Matthew and Gary Ledley having a taste of the traditional rømmegrøt porridge in Flåm

The best things to do in Flåm

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5. Bergen - the charming fjord city

Bergen is known for its traditional wooden houses, narrow alleys, beautiful mountain scenery with a gondola, funicular, and trails, and fantastic local seafood.
In Bergen, you can wander through the UNESCO-listed medieval wharf at Bryggen which was built around 1070. See it on a guided walking tour of the city center.
Try a fantastic seafood platter at the fish market in the city center – or a shellfish tower at Cornelius just outside Bergen. A visit to the Cornelius seafood restaurant can also be combined with a charming fjord cruise, where your hosts are more than happy to pick you up in their boat.
Bergen is known as the capital of the fjords because of its easy access to the most famous fjords in Western Norway.

6. The Bergen Railway – one of the world's best train rides

Northern Europe's highest altitude line has repeatedly been named one of the world's best railway experiences. On board the train, you will find a playroom for the little ones, a restaurant car serving traditional Norwegian waffles – a favorite with Norwegians – and more. All this while unique scenery passes by your window.
“It´s beautiful. It reminds me a bit of the Rocky Mountains in the west of Canada with the water and the mountains. I also loved the red barns and the cute houses,” says Deborah.
The spectacular mountain landscape is home to a wide variety of Arctic animal species, including the biggest herd of wild reindeer in Europe!
View from the Bergen Railway
The Bergen Railway has mesmerizing mountain landscape.
Father and daughter looking out from the Bergen Railway
Jenna and Gary Ledley admiring the arctic landscape

Sognefjord in a Nutshell™ & Hardangerfjord in a Nutshell™

This epic round trip from Oslo provides the best of Sognefjord in a Nutshell™ and Hardangerfjord in a Nutshell™ tour — welcome to incredible nature. Travel in comfort from Oslo to the very best fjord highlights!
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7. Oslo - the vibrant capital by the fjord

Oslo is Norway's capital and biggest city. You will find everything a major international city offers as well as unique and scenic fjord experiences. Explore Norwegian culinary traditions and Michelin-starred restaurants. Although it's a big city, its downtown is compact and easy to cover on foot.
Go on a fjord cruise and try island hopping in the Oslofjord or join a hike to beautiful Vettakollen.
Fjord Tours has several Nutshell packages to choose from. No matter which package you choose, you will see some of Norway's biggest highlights on your trip – at your own pace.

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