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Bergen – The capital of the fjords

Welcome to Norway's second-largest city. Here you are close to the fantastic nature and a beautiful fjord, which leads you to Norway's most famous fjord landscapes.
The Harbour in Bergen  - Bergen, Norway
Bryggen in Bergen - a historic wharf area
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Bergen can be both the starting and ending point for several of our Nutshell tour packages.

4 highlights you need to experience in Bergen:

1. Explore the historic UNESCO-listed Bryggen
2. Experience Norway on a Nutshell tour from Bergen
3. Sample local seafood, fresh from the coast
4. Enjoy scenic views of the city from Mount Fløyen or Mount Ulriken

1. Explore historic Bryggen in Bergen

Bergen's most famous landmark is Bryggen, one of Norway's greatest treasures. Here you will find as many as 61 listed buildings.
The medieval wharf at Bryggen was built around 1070 and is on UNESCO's list of world heritage. Historically, the wharf was the hub of the Hanseatic trading activity in Norway and has been in use for centuries.
Historic Bryggen in Bergen - Guided city tour in Bergen, Norway
Bergen's most famous landmark is Bryggen.
The famous buildings are located right by the harbor in the middle of the city. You can experience Bryggen by wandering among its buildings on your own or join a guided tour of the city center and discover even more of Bergen's history.
Cynthia Weiss and Siva Anantham from the US came to Norway on vacation with their children to experience the fjords. They arranged to stay in Bergen before travelling on to Flåm.
The visit to Bryggen made a lasting impression on the family of five.
Family visiting Bergen
Siva Anantham and Cynthia Weiss from the US with their children.
"I love the history of this place. It’s great to come and experience it, imagine what times were like before, and to learn more about the Hanseatic League and the history of Norway," says Cynthia.

Step into the Middle Ages

You will also find fascinating museums, delicious restaurants, and unique shops at Bryggen.
If you take the time to stroll among the extremely old and well-preserved crooked wooden buildings and narrow passages, you'll soon discover that the area has even more to offer. It's like stepping back in time, from the present day and into the Middle Ages.

Book a hotel in Bergen

Find the perfect place to stay on your Norwegian adventure.

2. Experience Norway on a Nutshell tour from Bergen

With our Nutshell tours, you can easily access the best of Norway's iconic fjord and mountain scenery from Bergen.
The Nutshell tours take you to the mighty Sognefjord, the narrow Nærøyfjord, the lush Hardangerfjord, and the world-famous Geirangerfjord. Discover scenic railways, stunning mountains, and waterfalls.
People on the Flåm Railway - Norway
The historic Flåm Railway is available on several of the Nutshell tours from Bergen.
We recommend spending more than a day experiencing the famous fjords. It’s easy to add overnight stays and activities to all our Nutshell tours. Make the trip your own by adding exciting experiences.

A half day on the fjord

If you only have a half day to see the fjords, join a cruise to Mostraumen, and experience fjord gems and waterfalls close to Bergen, or a two-hour sailboat cruise that lets you see Bergen from a fjord perspective.
If you want to combine a fjord cruise with local food, you can visit one of Norway's best seafood restaurants, Cornelius, and enjoy a five-course meal full of delicious fresh seafood. Enjoy your meal right by the water's edge with a view of the fjord.
Bergen Fjord Cruise
Choose a full Nutshell tour from Bergen or add a day cruise on the fjord.

The best things to do in Bergen

Book an exciting activity as part of your Nutshell tour or as a stand-alone booking. Check out our exciting collection below!

3. Sample local seafood from the fjords

No trip to the seaside city of Bergen would be complete without tasting local food with ingredients sourced from the fjords.

Visit the charming fish market

The fish market, one of Norway's most famous outdoor markets, is a stone's throw from Bryggen. The market has existed since as far back as the 1200s.
Bergen Fish Market- Bergen, Norway
Enjoy a stroll on the wonderfull fish market in Bergen
Mathallen has also been added more recently, where traders have permanent stalls indoors in a glass-walled building right by the water. While the fish market is open from 1 May until the end of the summer, Mathallen is open all year round.
Located right by the fjord, you are sure to find some of the freshest fish in Europe.
"Bergen is such a beautiful place, and we really enjoyed the fish market," says Siva.

Spoil yourself with dinner from the sea

Along with fresh seafood, you will find local food sourced from farms in the area. There are good options for outdoor dining at one of the market's popular restaurants with a fjord view.
Here, you can breathe in the salt air while looking out over a beautiful Norwegian fjord.
The Tourist Information and fish market in Bergen, Norway
Buy some take away or choose one of the many seafood restaurants nearby.

4. Take in scenic views of the fjord from a mountain peak

Bergen developed naturally around its beautiful fjord, but the view is even better from a distance.
The city is surrounded by fantastic mountain landscapes, and it is quick and easy to head up a mountain to see the fjord from above.

A modern gondola

Bergen's highest mountain is Mount Ulriken at 643 meters above sea level. Its modern gondola takes you to the top where incredible views over the city, fjord, and coast await.
Gondola to the top Ulriken - Things to do in Bergen, Norway
Visit Mount Ulriken and see the Bergen from above.

A funicular from Bryggen

Another famous "city mountain" is Mount Fløyen, easily accessible by a funicular close to Bryggen. You can also choose to walk to the top on well-marked trails or see the city lights on a Segway tour by night.
At both peaks you will find restaurants and cafés serving tasty local specialties. If you're lucky, you can catch the sunset over the city – an experience you'll never forget.
Fløyen Funicular- Bergen, Norway
A modern gondola takes you to Mount Fløien.
No matter which mountain peak in Bergen you choose, you will see the fjord and the city from its best side.
We look forward to welcoming you to the fjord city of Bergen!

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