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Stalheim is in the heart of the Norwegian fjords, and it is an ideal starting point for tours of Western Norway’s fjords and mountains.
Nærøydalen seen from Stalheim - Stalheim, Norway
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The beautiful view of the Nærøydalen valley from Stalheim has for nearly 200 years been one of the highlights of many a traveler's visit to Western Norway.
From Stalheim you can go for long walks in the mountains, you can choose short and long hikes, go fishing or visit Stalheim Folk Museum. Stalheim is also a good base for excursions by car or public transport.
Nærøydalen seen from Stalheim - Stalheim, Norway
View from Stalheim Paal Audestad - www.fjordtours.com
Stalheim is easy to get to both from the east and the west as the main E16 road between Oslo and Bergen passes Stalheim. From Oslo, it takes from five to six hours to drive to Stalheim and from Bergen, it takes about two hours.
The nearest railway station with connections to Bergen and Oslo is Voss, 36 kilometers away. The nearest airport is Bergen Flesland, a two-hour drive away. Stalheim has excellent bus connections to Voss, Bergen, Gudvangen and Flåm .

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