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Oslo – The buzzing capital by the fjord

In addition to being the country's capital, Oslo is an excellent start or end pointfor a fjord tour. Get to know the Scandinavian city by the water. Here are our 5 best tips on what to do in Oslo, Norway's vibrant capital.
View of Oslo , Norway
Munch Museum in Oslo - Norway
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1. Go on a city tour in Oslo 

Oslo has been Norway's capital since 1814. Today, over 700,000 people live in this vibrant city. The city consists of many trendy districts that are all unique in their own way.

Discover the green spaces

Wander through the streets, and visit cool shops, cafes, restaurants, and bars. Oslo is home to both traditional buildings and the latest modern architecture.
Norway's capital city is known for its many green spaces. The largest and most beautiful of the city's parks is Vigeland Park. In addition to being a recreational area for locals, Vigeland Park is a fascinating statue park and a very popular tourist attraction. The botanical garden at Tøyen is also well worth a visit.
Activities in Oslo - Oslo Panorama Bus Tour - The Vigeland Park
If you want to combine relaxation and culture, the Vigeland Park is the place to visit.

Get the full experience with guided tours

To experience as much as possible, we recommend that you take a guided tour. That way you are guaranteed to see all the main attractions.
There are many city tours to choose from, depending on your mood and fitness level. Join a guided bike tour if you want to be active.
If you want to do as many locals do, you can whizz around town on an electric scooter. If you would rather experience Oslo in a more comfortable way, you can of course choose a bus tour. The choice is yours!
Oslo skyline
Discover the modern architecture in Barcode.

The best things to do in Oslo

Book an exciting activity as part of your Nutshell tour or as a stand-alone booking. Check out our exciting collection below!

2. Explore the Oslofjord

With the world's second longest coastline, it goes without saying that the capital of Norway is also located by the water. You can experience the Oslofjord from many places in the city, but the most popular spots are located around the Barcode, Oslubukta, and Aker Brygge neighborhoods.
Oslobukta and Barcode features Oslo's skyline and the iconic Opera house, while at Aker Brygge you can visit the popular Astrup Fearnley museum.
Enjoy a fjord cruise on the Oslofjord.

City tour on the fjord

There are also many activities to choose from with the Oslofjord as a starting point. Enjoy a quiet fjord cruise on a hybrid boat and see the capital from the water.
If you want to enjoy a little fine dining on the fjord, you can board a traditional wooden ship and enjoy a bountiful shrimp buffet. Or how about enjoying a three-course electric dinner cruise? Nothing beats a tasty meal on the water.

3. Experience Norwegian culture

In Oslo you will find a flourishing cultural life with museums and galleries for every taste. If you want to learn more about Norwegian history, the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History is a good alternative.

4. Eat delicious food

A visit to Oslo is also a culinary adventure. If you are a true foodie, you should head to Mathallen, where you can choose between a wide variety of both traditional Norwegian and international dishes.
A Visit to Mathallen is highly recommended.
Mathallen also offers a delicious Oslo Street Food tour, a walk that includes sampling some of the most exciting Norwegian dishes the city has to offer. Are your tastebuds ready for a treat?

5. Embark on a Norway in a Nutshell® tour

Did you know you can experience Norway’s famous fjords on a daytrip from Oslo? Our Nutshell tours take you seamlessly to the fjords and back, and several of the tours have Oslo as a start or ending point.
Norway in a Nutshell® is famous for being the most scenic tour between Oslo and Bergen, taking you over the Hardangervidda mountain plateau, to the fjords.
Book a Nutshell tour from Oslo and experience the best of both Norway's lively urban culture and its stunning nature.
We look forward to welcoming you to a city (and fjord) adventure!

Nutshell tours from Oslo

Explore our selection of tours departing from Oslo. Each tour has various routes to choose from, and all tours can take you back to Oslo if you prefer.

Oslo, Norway

Book a hotel in Oslo

Find the perfect place to stay on your Norwegian adventure.