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A closer look at Stryn

A charming village and district with a broad selection of fun and exciting activities, Stryn is a wonderful tourist destination in Norway. Let’s take a look at what this spectacular area has to offer visitors, and what there is to do there!
Inspiration - Beuatiful lake in Stryn, Norway
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Where is Stryn?

The picturesque village of Stryn is situated on the shore of a small bay off the main Nordfjorden in Western Norway’s stunning fjord landscape. With scenery consisting of massive cliffs, deep blue lagoons, and tremendous waterfalls, Stryn has one of the most splendid landscapes in the world.
One of the great things about Stryn is that it can be visited all year round. Stryn is the perfect destination for a couples' break or a fun summer holiday for small groups of friends. Families will find plenty to keep them busy in this beautiful district, and it’s also a great option for a solo holiday focused on enjoying the splendid nature. Stryn is a great spot to visit in between the late spring to the end of summer for fun and unique activities in the warmer climate, though autumn and wintertime also have plenty to offer travelers.
Olden in Nordfjord - Norway
Vlada Photo / Visit Nordfjord

Where should you stay in Stryn?

Whether you’d like to be close to nature or enjoy the comforts of a modern hotel room, there’s an appealing place for everyone in Stryn. Here, visitors will find a multitude of camping sites and hotels to suit any preference and taste.
Olden is an idyllic village in Stryn in Vestland county, Norway, and a popular base for a holiday in the Stryn district. Olden is located at the northern end of the beautiful Oldedalen valley on the southern shore of the Nordfjorden. Olden is a perfect location for those interested in exploring the local area with a kayaking trip. The Tystigbreen glacier is a short distance from Olden and is an ideal location situated between mountains and valleys, offering unforgettable views of its surroundings. With an experienced local tour guide, you will be able to discover the impressive glacier in a safe way with all the essential equipment.
Flickr.com - Stryn Sommerski

What to do during your stay in Stryn?

In Stryn, there are a range of activities that you can do, ranging from glacier walking, snowboarding, and summer skiing to enjoying a nice relaxing spa day or a peaceful kayaking trip along the fjord. The famous skylift in the idyllic village of Loen can’t be missed, taking you from the fjord to the top of Mount Hoven with its stunning views in just a few minutes.
The top attractions to visit in Stryn are the Briksdal Glacier, known locally as Briksdalbreen, Mount Skala, the Nasjonale Turistvegar Gamle Strynefjellsvegen, the Jostedalsbreen National Park Centre, and much more.
Summer skiing is one of the most popular activities enjoyed in Stryn. The amazing weather conditions make the area perfect for the sport, and the slopes offer many different routes for ski tours. The Stryn area offers fantastic cycling and hiking routes, and you can also go horseback riding, go on a boating adventure, or try canoeing or fishing.
If you need some rest and relaxation after spending a day out doing fun activities, the spa and pool facilities at the Hotel Alexandra in Loen come highly recommended.
Hotel Alexandra

What’s the weather like in Stryn?

If you’re wondering when the best time to visit Stryn might be, that all depends on what you’d like to do during your stay. However, the summer is the most popular time to go and it’s at this time of year that the Norwegian weather is the nicest. The month of June is the perfect time for a holiday to Stryn as the climate will be quite pleasant with warm, often sunny days. June marks a good time to explore the best activities to do in Stryn since it’s just ahead of the busiest season for tourism to the Stryn area.
Between the months of July and September is the peak season to visit Stryn. The warm and lovely weather draws plenty of people from both near and far to enjoy the exceptional activities Stryn has to offer. The autumn is also a great time to explore Stryn, especially for those interested in an active holiday among the changing colors of the landscape.
In November and December, the weather in Stryn and in the rest of Norway is quite cold. You should expect cold weather if you visit during these months, but you’ll also be able to experience some truly unforgettable nature experiences in Norway’s winter wonderland. The weather in Stryn from January to March tends to remain fairly cold, but as spring sets in, the temperatures warm up and the climate becomes milder.
No matter what time of year you decide to visit, be prepared for an amazing time in the beautiful area of Stryn!
Hjelle in Stryn  - Nordfjord, Norway
Maciej Ducxynski/Fjord Norway