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The perfect couples retreat in Norway

Looking for the ultimate romantic getaway? Scandinavia and Norway should definitely be on your radar and in our opinion is perhaps one of the most romantic destinations you will find.
Rampestreken  - Åndalsnes, Norway
Imagine kissing under the magical Northern Lights, inside a glacier cave, or onboard a fjord cruise with a glass of something sparkling in hand with the mountains towering several hundred meters above you. One thing is for certain, there are loads of ways of getting romantic in Norway!
Geiranger - Norway
It is not without reason that thousands of tourists usually find their way to Norway. But as we all know, this year is a bit special. With fewer tourists on the roads, many of the most romantic spots are a little less busy. The opportunity to experience Norway without standing in line makes it extra attractive to spend your holiday of love in Norway.
Many people choose to travel around campsites in large motorhomes in order to see and experience as much as possible, although this is not for everyone. The roads to some of the most famous landmarks in Norway are often narrow and winding, and it can be difficult to maneuver large cars. This year, a lot of people are taking camping gear in a smaller car and finding places to camp in the wild. It is easier to navigate in a small vehicle to seeking out those secluded romantic spots for nights under the canvas.
Flåm - Norway
If camping is not for you, there are many other options. Most campsites also offer small wooden cabins and the AirBnB scene has exploded here in recent years. Although drop-ins and last minute bookings are possible it is always a good idea during peak times to book in advance to avoid disappointment.
You also have the option of going on one of our tours. This is probably the easiest way to travel, as all the necessary transport is arranged and organized by us. You can easily add accommodation and activities to the tour and customize it to fill your needs.
One of our top picks for romantic stays is to spend a couple of nights at Hotel Ullensvang. The hotel boasts a fantastic setting on the famous Hardangerfjord with cider production, fishing, and hiking opportunities to explore.
Classic Trolltunga Hike - Happy hikers on Trolltunga - Odda, Norway
Trolltunga Active

For couples seeking adventure!

If you are adventurous types, a trip to Trolltunga is not to be missed. Although the hike is possible as a day trip, we love to spend at least one night on the mountain on the Glamping Tour to Trolltunga without queues of selfie chasers.
It is worth mentioning that this trip requires a good physical condition and preparation of correct clothes and equipment. Many-a-day-trip has been spoiled when tourists on coach trips underestimate the environment and are ill-prepared. For an extra challenge and adrenaline rush, it is also possible to reach
Love in Henningsvær - Lofoten, Norway
Tonje Brattås

Leisurely strolls

There are of course much easier walks on offer. Not every outing has to conquer a peak or be a huge expedition. There are some amazingly scenic routes starting from the hotel exploring the Lofthus area. You can follow the "The Fruit Route" or book a cider tour which is enjoying a rise in popularity in Norway of late with Hardanger cider or "Hardangersider" becoming an international brand.
You can visit Aga Sideri, where you will get a taste of Norway's best cider and locally produced food for lunch. 7th generation farmer Joar Aga offers farm tours at Aga Sideri with insight into how the traditional Hardanger Sider is made, start to finish, as well of course as sampling the different ciders. Read more about the Cider tour in Hardanger here.
After romancing in Hardangerfjord, it can be just as wonderful to spend a couple of days in one of the larger cities in Norway: Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, and Stavanger each have their own charms and allure. The Opera in Oslo, the Hanseatic Wharf in Bergen, the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, or a Lysefjord safari in Stavanger is just some of the things you can explore on a couples reatreat in Norway.
Couple in a restaurant
Candice Waldeck/ Unsplash

Our most popular activities

We offer activities all over Norway! Whether you want to see the northern lights in Northern Norway, cruise the fjords in Western Norway, or explore our stunning cities, we’ve got you covered! You can either take an activity in combination with one of our Nutshell tours or as a single activity when visiting Norway. Check out our exciting collection!