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Kayak adventures in Norway

If you’re up for an adventure, you can’t go wrong with a trip to Norway. Adventure holidays in Norway are becoming increasingly popular, and there are plenty of options to choose from. With wild natural scenery and spectacular views, Norway is a great destination for those looking for a fun and adventurous travel experience.
Kayaking in Lofoten - Lofoten in a nutshell - Norway

Is Norway a good place for an adventure holiday?

Norway is a great destination for anyone looking for an adventure holiday. No matter what thrill-seeking experience you’re most interested in, Norway offers a range of fantastic options, so you’re sure to find something that suits your tastes. Kayaking in the stunning Norwegian scenery is an experience you’ll never forget, and it could be the perfect route to go down for your Norway adventure holiday.
Kayaking is a fantastic water activity that can be a thrilling experience or a calm, peaceful way to take in your surroundings depending on what you’d prefer and the group you’re traveling with. Kayaking is also great exercise, and an active holiday is a wonderful way to experience Norway!
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Where should I go kayaking in Norway?

Across the long country of Norway, there is a range of fantastic destinations for kayakers. With a huge amount of great kayaking spots available, you should choose the part of Norway that appeals to you the most.
Southern Norway is a popular spot for many kayak enthusiasts, with great kayaking opportunities from Kristiansand, Arendal, and more. Kayaking on the fjords is a truly spectacular experience, with a range of options depending on where you go. The Helgeland coast is a lovely, scenic area for kayaking in the sea, and you can explore UNESCO-protected islands as you paddle along. One of the most most popular areas for kayaking is northern Norway, where stunning places like Lofoten and Vesterålen offer superb conditions for enjoying a kayaking trip.
Depending on what part of Norway you go to, you should be able to find kayak rental opportunities near you, and you can also book a guided kayak tour. The adventurous thrillseekers among us may be happy to hop in a kayak and set off on their own, but many of us might feel safer having an experienced guide along for the ride.
Another benefit of a kayak tour is that your local guide will have plenty of knowledge and experience with kayaking in the area, and will be able to show you all the best spots! For example, you can join a guided tour of the stunning Lofoten archipelago setting off from Reine.
Keep in mind that you’ll usually need a “våttkort” (wet card) certification to rent a kayak in Norway for safety reasons – but if you don’t, you can take part in a course to get your certificate while on your trip.
Norway in a nutshell® - Kayaking on the Nærøyfjord
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Is it possible to go kayaking on the fjords?

Kayaking is an amazing way to experience the natural world around us, and there are few better places to do that than in the majestic Norwegian fjords. Lots of people opt to go kayaking on the fjords, and this is actually one of the most fun and interesting ways to explore the Norwegian fjord landscape!
Kayaking is the perfect way to get up close and personal with Norway’s fjords and coastal landscape. Gliding along the water and taking in the stunning view of the fjords from the unique vantage point of a kayak is truly an experience you’ll never forget. The combination of kayaking and a fascinating experience with the wonders of nature surrounding you is unmissable! For an unforgettable experience of the magical Nærøyfjord, join a kayak tour from Gudvangen. 
When out kayaking, it’s always great to keep your eyes open for the local wildlife and have a camera ready to capture your beautiful surroundings. Just be careful not to drop your camera in the water! Norway is a great destination for adventure seekers, and for those interested in kayaking, the country offers many incredible options. Book a kayak tour in Norway, and you’re sure to find an experience you’ll never forget!
Guided kayak trip on the Nærøyfjord, full-day trip - Things to do in Gudvangen, Norway
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Kayak experiences from Fjord Tours

From canoe or kayak, Fjord Tours has gathered the best paddle tours to explore Norway's stunning landscape.
Guided Kayak trip on the Hardangerfjord - Things to do in Eidfjord, Norway

Beautiful Eidfjord

Join a beautiful 3-hour kayaking trip on the Hardangerfjord from Eidfjord and experience the peace and tranquility of this enchanting fjord landscape. During the trip, there will be short stops, at one of which you can fill your drinking bottle with some of the purest water on earth, directly from a small waterfall!
Kayaking on the Hardangerfjord - Odda, Norway
Trolltunga Active

Historical Hardangerfjord

Starting in Odda, as does the famous Trolltunga hike, a kayak trip on the Sandvinsvatnet lake is a trip through Norwegian history. The lake is surrounded by a cultural landscape, and it's said that this lake and landscape inspired the painting «Bridal Procession on the Hardangerfjord».
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Wilderness Tour in Reine

Totally outstanding nature experience! You will paddle through the dramatic landscape with our experienced guides filling your soul with views of jagged mountains, white beaches, and crystal clear waters.
Kayak tour to Skageflå farm - The Geirangerfjord, Norway
Geiranger Fjordservice

Crown Jewel Geirangerfjord

As we paddle close to the untouched nature of the world-famous Geirangerfjord we get to learn more about the history of how the breathtaking landscapes were formed and hear how the area is flourishing today. The goal is to reach The Seven Sisters waterfall before returning to base for an 8km round-trip.

Tips for canoeing and kayaking trips

  1. Choose the trip by ability and show respect for weather and weather forecasts
  2. You must be able to self-rescue and prove your competence level should you wish to explore without a guide
  3. It is a good idea to carry an emergency first aid kit with a dry bag and a set of dry clothes
  4. Energy: Always have some chocolate, nuts, or similar readily available, as well as water and a thermos flask with a hot drink
  5. The optimal campsites along rivers or lakes have easy landing conditions (sandy beach), flat grassy areas for pitching tents, and are sheltered from the wind. Leave the place as you found it

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