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Senderismo con raquetas de nieve y airboarding en Romsdalen

If you want to experience a unique winter hike, this is an exciting alternative! The trip includes winter fun on snowshoes, a thrilling airboard sledding adventure, and a cozy gathering around the bonfire after the hike.

2 horas
15.EN. - 30.ABR.

The town of Åndalsnes is referred to as the "mountaineering capital of Norway", but you don't have to be a mountaineer to have fun in the surrounding mountains here! This guided hike is suitable for the whole family (min. age 12).

Descripción del recorrido

The trip starts with a hike on snowshoes, and you have the inflatable slide board, also called the airboard, in your bag. At the top, you put the snowshoes in your bag, and rush down the mountain on your airboard head first!

Existen tres rutas diferentes entre las que elegir según las condiciones de la nieve y las condiciones atmosféricas. After the tour, you gather around the bonfire where you can relax and share your experience from a fun and exciting day.

Rodeados por la salvaje Romsdalsfjella y las vistas del fiordo de Romsdal, esta será una caminata con unas vistas absolutamente espectaculares. The trip is adjusted according to the fitness level of the group and professional, local guides guarantee an exciting and safe trip.

¡Buen viaje!