Safari panorámico por la costa con degustación de productos locales en Tromsø

Participa en un safari por el imponente paisaje costero de Tromsø, que está repleto de montañas, fiordos e islas y que cuenta con una fascinante historia que se remonta más de 9,000 años atrás. El safari incluye visitas a al valle montañoso de Kattfjordeidet y la hermosa isla de Sommarøy.

5 horas
15 DE SEP. - 31 DE MAR.

Get to know the Northern Norwegian culture by seeing, tasting, and interacting with local people. This tour does not start until 11:00, so feel free to enjoy a relaxing morning in Tromsø, before heading out to the coast for a safari and local food.

Descripción del recorrido

This safari by minibus explores the coastal and island landscape west of Tromsø. As well as dramatic scenery, you will find traces of settlements going back thousands of years. Who were the people who lived here before us? Why did they come? How did they survive the harsh climate and cold winters? A dedicated and knowledgeable guide will answer these questions and many more in detail during the trip.

The safari combines nature and culture, including sampling the local food, so you will get the best of both worlds. Salmon-, reindeer- of vegetarian wraps will be served at the beautiful island of Sommarøy and during the trip, there will be several stops along the way. In this way, you can touch, feel and take pleasure in the dramatic scenery, as well as filling up your camera memory card!

This is a tour for the entire family, and you will get the opportunity to ask questions, take pictures and stretch your legs in an amazing Arctic environment that can spellbind even the most seasoned of travelers.