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Fjord Tours Articles / 27 Jul 2020

Why a Scanditour is the New Eurotour

Done the whole Eurotrip thing? Looking for some fresh insight into where your next travel adventure should be? Head over to Scandinavia, and Norway in particular.

In this article, we will show you how some of the most popular aspects of Euro-Tripping is also present in the Nordic countries and Norway especially.

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Like Germany’s beer culture

Norway’s brewing traditions date all the way back to the Vikings who used to brew barley-based beers during the cold winter months. Recent times have seen a modern renaissance with breweries such as Lervig and Nøgne Ø gaining worldwide reputations. Check out this article to see the best places to enjoy a craft beer while on vacation in Norway!

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Photo: Wild Voss

Like Switzerland’s mountains

With thousands of kilometers of tracks and trails, walking, hiking, and biking options are available to suit all levels of fitness and experience. Norway's unique and magnificent natural scenery is the perfect backdrop for a truly memorable hiking experience. Oh, we are also the birthplace of skiing! Check out our hiking or skiing adventures!

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Photo: VisitOSLO/Tord Baklund

Like London’s city tours

Want to go "shopping and campaigning"? Why not try out Oslo as your next city getaway! The city offers an abundance of shopping options and a flourishing cultural scene with a choice of restaurants almost unparalleled in Scandinavia. A ten-minute boat ride from down-town whisks you away to lovely beaches and islands in the Oslofjord. Check out some things to do in Oslo!

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Like Champagne or Calvados

One of Norway's most beautiful fjords is the Hardangerfjord. This region was among the first to begin to use apples to produce cider and Cider History and Production have longstanding traditions here.

The term "Cider from Hardanger" or "Hardangersider" is actually a protected origin name, just like Calvados or Champagne! To explore Hardanger and taste the excellent Hardangercider, check out out Cider Tour in the Hardangerfjord.

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Photo: CH/VisitNorway

Sick of the Med?

We’re not gonna try to compete with Italy or the Med’s reputation as a sun-drenched hot-spot for tourists but we are going to compete as a seafood powerhouse. Norway’s mainland coastline is almost 18,000 miles long. Along its entirety, you’ll find some of the best seafood in the world. Fresh cod, shrimp, lobster, and crab from ocean to plate in a matter of minutes.

Bergen has a long-standing relationship with the sea and is famous for its fish market which is worth checking out for the free samples even if you don’t intend to buy to cook. You can easily hop on a cruise from Bergen to Cornelius Seafood restaurant, and enjoy a delicious seafood menue prepared by master chefs while viewing the surrounding mountains from the water.

World-famous chef Gordon Ramsay recently visited Norway and had this to say: "Norway's cuisine is among the finest in Europe. Of course, I was familiar with amazing Norwegian seafood and cured fish products, but I didn't know much about the other incredible ingredients and traditional dishes". Read more about why Gordon Ramsay loves Norway and Norwegian food here.


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Photo: Freestocks Org / Unsplash

Like the romance of Paris

Kissing in front of the Eiffel Tower is a little cliche by now, right? Kissing on top of a rock platform 300m above a glacial lake at Preikestolen, sipping a glass of cloudy cider beside Sognefjord or exploring the blue caves of Folgefonna glacier, now that’s romantic and adventurous!

Winter is definitely one of the most romantic times to visit Norway. From quiet arctic retreats with views of the Aurora Borealis in the North to candlelight dinners by the fjords in the South and West, and treetop cabins along the Swedish border in the East there is no shortage of options to explore.

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Photo: Girish Chouchan - visitbergen

No need to travel all the way to Transylvania for your gothic kicks

Vardø in Norway had a gruesome reputation for convicting witches and burning them in public sacrifices. Steilneset Memorial Site remembers the victims and is erected at the site where the witch sacrifices took place. Designed by the Swiss architect Peter Zumthor, and a flame house by the French-American artist Louise Bourgeois, the place evokes strong emotions. Between 1598 and 1692 135 people were accused and 91 executed.

Bergen has also played host to whitch burning at the mountain Lyderhorn and at Nordnes in the city center.

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Photo: Mad Goats

A little bit of Finland in Oslo

Enjoy a sauna at SALT, an art project fusing music, food, and architecture. Striking traditional wooden constructions inspired by the traditional Norwegian racks for drying fish set the scene for a fresh and fun vibe.

On the banks of the fjord with views of the Opera House, SALT offers saunas for those that prefer lower temperatures and for the experienced sauna enthusiast looking to test your limits. Read more about Oslo here.

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Photo: CH -

A little bit of Vienna at the Norwegian Opera and Ballet

The Oslo Opera has established itself as an architectural and artistic success that is inundated by visitors both inside and out. It is the first opera house in the world where you can walk on the roof and has become one of Norway's major tourist attractions. The opera was designed by the architects Snøhetta.

Amsterdam canal cruise and cultural experiences along the world's most beautiful canal, the Telemark Canal! Here, eight spectacular locks with a total of 18 lock rooms lift the boat and pass 72 meters from start in Skien to the end of the canal in Dalen.

If you prefer to be a little more active you can experience the canal landscape with paddles, bicycles, or hiking. Along the canal, there is a rich selection of museums, cultural monuments, cozy eateries, and fantastic cultural events.

For more inspirational travel ideas and tips, check out our Guide to Norway.