Photo: Reve, Nasjonal turistveg Jæren - Roger Ellingsen / Statens vegvesen
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Beautiful light and long beaches. The road between Kristiansand and Stavanger runs along the quiet countryside with magnificent sea views.

The road along the coast of Jæren follows a beautiful, tranquil countryside with long beaches. We have suggested the route farthest towards the coastline because of its beauty. Here you will find cultural landscapes with large lush meadows, ancient stone walls and grazing cows. Further south you will find small hilly coastal mountains and picturesque villages.

In this area, Norway shows itself from it's most harmonious side. The area is known for its beautiful light and unique coastal landscape. Many detours and backroads provides closeness to the sea, with splendid spots for swimming. There are several interesting lighthouses to visit on this journey. During this drive, you should take the opportunity to visit Lindesnes, the country's southernmost point.

The northernmost part of the journey is a route with national tourist route status.

Distance Approx. 270 kilometres
Drive time 4 hours 30 minutes
Ferries No
Tolls Yes
Special conditions None