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Geilo is situated midway between Oslo and Bergen on the Bergen Railway. It is primarily a ski resort town, but also offers a wide range of summer activities.

Geilo is a busy hub and well know for skiing enthusiasts. From the train station in Geilo, it only takes five minutes to get to the ski slopes. There is a huge variety of pistes to choose from, lots of room and 20 efficient lifts that take you to 39 downhill runs, ensuring long days of skiing without having to queue.

In the ski centre in Geilo you can choose between “gentle” slopes, for those who are a little out of practice, and exhilarating slopes with moguls and jumps. In the snowboard park, which is perhaps the best in Norway, you can perfect your skills on pipes, big jumps and slides.

In summer, Geilo is a good starting point for walks in the forests and mountains. The landmark the Hallingskarvet mountain range offers wonderful hiking, and the Hardangervidda mountain plateau is not far away. At Geilo you can set off on various excursions by foot or bike.

You can cycle mountain trails and visit mountain farms. You can fish or enjoy a mountain horseback ride. You can participate in motor sports, rafting, rock-climbing and abseiling or experience history and culture at Geilojordet, Fekjo Cultural and Heritage Park.


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