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Geilo is located halfway between Bergen and Oslo, and can be easily reached by the Bergen line - one of the world's most beautiful train journeys. Best known for its ski slopes and hundreds of kilometers of cross-country skiing, Geilo also offers a variety of activities without skiing and adventurous summer experiences.

Named Norway's best ski destination for several years in a row, Geilo offers a complete ski holiday for the whole family and group of friends. Here you will find trails of all levels of difficulty, parks and several restaurants where you can enjoy a tasty lunch when you want to take a breath.

Cross Country Skiing

The area of Geilo is known as one of the best in Norway for cross country skiing with its more than 500 km of prepared trails. You will find all sorts of levels and difficulties, from short simple ones to demanding mountain trails. Many trails are within reach from the train station, and you might also use the ski lifts one-way ticket to take you higher up before starting. 

Summer in Geilo

The National Parks of Hallingskarvet and Hardangervidda is only a stone's throw away, and the possibilities are many either you start from the city center or catch the summer lift to the top. Are you in for a real kick, we suggest doing some rafting on the Numedalslågen river, one of Europes best rafting rivers. Geilo Summer Park is another option, here you find biketrails, climbing parks, and a 1100 meters long zipline from the top of Vestlia.

The Navvies` Road

Geilo is a good spot to start if you want to experience The Navvies`Road - the most beautiful bike ride in Norway. This road takes you through astonishing landscapes. The trail starts from Haugastøl, and you may reach Haugastøl by train or by car. Some take the train to Finse and start there to shorten the trail by an hour or so. Most people buy a package including train tickets and bikes. In that case, the Rallarvegen suited bike is picked up at Finse and is delivered back at the station in Flåm at the end of the trip.

If you want to add some adrenaline to this marvelous trip you may select the variation of Rallarvegen that includes the Zipline (Northern-Europes` longest) from Vatnahalsen to Kårdal. Check it out here.


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