Video: VossVind
Video: VossVind

Indoor Skydiving in Voss

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Have you ever dreamt of flying? Be Superman for a day and experience the thrill of skydiving without jumping out of a plane.

Indoor skydiving in Voss is Norway's first vertical and recirculating wind tunnel. In a wind tunnel, you can experience flying in a safe and controlled environment. Many are thinking of flying in the wind tunnel as an extreme sport, but it's not. It is completely safe and extremely fun! 

Activity description

Come and fly at the wind tunnel in Voss, and learn how to navigate your body in the air and experience the thrill, fun, and mastering it right away. This is a thrilling activity for family, friends, corporate events, or anyone that has ever dreamed of flying. 

Anyone can fly in the wind tunnel, no previous experience is necessary. The oldest that have flown here is 94 years old, and the age limit is 5 years old.  

Combine this exhilarating activity with one of our tours and enjoy the wild and beautiful scenery, traditional cuisine, and other activities in the adrenaline headquarter Voss.

Practical information

  • Meeting place at Voss Vind in Tvildemoen.
  • Approx. 30 min to walk from Voss Railway station. See map HERE. We recommend taking a taxi. Voss Taxi, tel. + 47 56 51 13 40
  • Necessary instructions will be given. All communications in the tunnel will be given by signs and you learn this before the activity starts
  • Flight time: 3 minutes flight time divided into 2 * 1.5 minutes. Corresponds to 4 parachute jumps from 12,000 feet
  • Equipment, instructions, and flights are included
  • Meet up at least 40 min. before the agreed flight time
  • Available to book this activity daily from mid-June until mid-August. The rest of the year Wednesday to Sunday.
  • Suitable for everyone, children from 5 years
  • Please note that you are not allowed to fly if you are pregnant or have shoulder-problems
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