Photo: Friluftslek

Hike to Trollveggen Viewpoint

Join in on a short but thrilling hike to Trollveggen Viewpoint! This is a pretty easy hike, but still provides you with great views and a feeling of a real mountain adventure!

4 hours
15.JUN - 31.AUG

Møre & Romsdal and the Ånsdalsnes area is know all over Norway for its spectacular mountain tops and amazing hikes. Among all the peaks and tops in the area, the Trollveggen Massif might even be the most spectacular.

Tour description

You start this tour by meeting your guide at the Norwegian Mountaineering Centre and from here you travel by car up the Vengedalen valley, which takes about 20 minutes. From your start point, you start the ascent towards the top of Litlefjellet, which takes about 30 minutes. 

You walk on a good path that leads you safely up the mountainside where you will be met by the fantastic sight of the Trollveggen massif and other surrounding peaks!

You will also see the Rauma river far down, which twitst and turns its way towards the center of Åndalsnes, and the Romsdalsfjord far off in the horizon. On your left-hand side the Romsdalshorn mountain towers above you and to your right you will see the beautiful Blånebba Mountain.

All of this makes for an amazing hiking experience in absolutely spectacular surroundings. And with a professional local guide, you guaranteed a safe and unique experience in the mountains.

Have a nice trip!


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