Photo: H.M. Kristiansens Automobilbyrå

Oslo Grand Tour with Fjord Cruise

The Oslo Grand Tour with fjord cruise has it all! See all the must-see attractions in Oslo, visit museums and enjoy a relaxing 2-hour fjord cruise on the Oslofjord.

7h, 30min
08.APR - 02.OCT

This tour is a perfect combination of all the top attractions in Oslo.

Tour description

The tour starts from the center of Oslo where you take a comfortable sightseeing bus that takes you through Oslo's city center. You will get to see and experience the peaceful city center, the modern Holmenkollen ski jump, and enjoy the magnificent Vigeland Sculpture Park on a guided walking tour. A visit to the Fram Museum is also included, before visiting the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History.

Many people think that the best way to explore Oslos highlights and the best way to admire the natural splendor of the city is from the sea! After you "up-close" experience with Oslo and Norwegian culture, you will enjoy a delightful and relaxing 2-hour fjord cruise by sailboat on the Oslofjord!

On this tour, you will get a complete and unforgettable Oslo experience!

Enjoy your tour!