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Rental Car in Røros

Rent a hybrid-electric car in Røros and experience The UNESCO city on your own and at your own pace!

With a rental car, you can experience all the attractions that Røros and the surrounding area have to offer. How about a trip to Femundmarka National Park, one of the largest untouched wilderness areas in southern Scandinavia? Here you will find great areas for canoeing and fishing as well as endless hiking opportunities.

A visit to Olavsgruva and Røros Church is also a "must" when you are in Røros. With a hybrid-electric rental car, you can get around easily and sustainably and can enjoy all the highlights while you are in the area.

The rental car, Toyota Yaris, is one of Europe's most popular small cars. The car is equipped with all the equipment you can imagine; Navigation, automatic, multimedia, all of the security equipment plus much more.

Practical information

  • Car pick-up: Røros Tourist Office, see map HERE 
  • Age limit: 23 years
  • The driver must have had a continuous driver's license for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Choose to pay for the addition of free mileage over 93 miles (150 km), if you are unsure how far you want to drive
  • The car can park for free all over Røros without having to pay parking fee

Get to know Røros in your own rental car!

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