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Outdoor Activities in Norway

From the eerie beauty of the Northern Lights to the calm tranquility of the fjords, Norway is a country filled with some of the most spectacular sights in the world. With landscapes which are as dramatic as they are magnificent, Norway has so much to offer anyone looking for a nature holiday. There are many outdoor activities which can be enjoyed in Norway; here are just a few suggestions for all levels of fitness.
Outdoor activities in Norway
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Kayaking and Hiking in Norway

  • Fitness level: Easy
  • Season: Apr-September
  • Time required: 5-6 hours
This trip begins in the centre of Ålesund where participants kayak through Brosundet and around Slinnings point before coming onto the shore at Hessa. With both single and double kayaks available, it’s a glorious opportunity to spend some time on the gentle waters of the fjord and appreciate the beauty close up.
Activities in Ålesund - Guided kayak trip in Ålesund - Norway
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From Hessa there is a hike up to Mt. Sukkertoppen where you’ll find epic views across the stunning landscape. An easy climb with a clearly marked trail, this is a hike that everyone can enjoy.

Hiking and Fjord Cruise

  • Fitness level: Moderate
  • Season: Jun-August
  • Time required: 5-6 hours
This is a wonderful trip with lots packed in, beginning with the fjord cruise from Flåm. Travel to the epicenter of the Nærøyfjord before stopping at the pier in Skjerdal in the Aurlandsfjord. The safari offers wonderful views as you glide through the towering mountains on the deep blue waters of the fjords.
Once you’re on dry land, it’s a guided hike for 3.5km to a small mountain goat farm. You’ll ascend to an altitude of 370 meters where you’ll have the chance to relax and enjoy homemade food. The farm is the perfect photo opportunity as the panorama is simply breathtaking.
Hiking in Ålesund -Norway

Hiking and Culture in Western Norway

Voss craftman´s hike
  • Fitness level: Moderate
  • Season: June-September
  • Time required: 5 hours
West Norway is renowned for its culture and history and this tour embraces both during an invigorating hike. Voss has a hub of craftsmen who are passionate about keeping heritage skills alive, many of which date back for centuries. This hike focuses on the history of beautiful Norwegian craftsmanship, giving you the chance to learn about it amidst a gorgeous natural setting.
During the hike to the traditional farm, you’ll hear about the wooden buildings known as grindbygg, dry masonry, tree felling and how hand tools were used. Hear about how barns and houses used to function as you walk through a landscape which includes mountain streams, lush green forests and rolling fields.

Everyone’s Instagram Favorite: Trolltunga

  • Fitness level: advanced
  • Season: Feb-May
  • Time required: 10-12 hours
If you’re an experienced walker and want to tackle an exhilarating hike unlike any other, the tour of the Trolltunga Snowshoe Trail will thrill you to your core. The snow-covered landscape and Folgefonna glacier offer a wild and raw beauty that’s completely unparalleled.
The hike begins on foot in Skjeggedal up to Mågelitopp before switching to snowshoes to ascend the mountain to Gryteskar, Tyssebotn and Trolltunga. When you reach Trolltunga you’ll discover magnificent views of Ringedal lake as well as the icy splendor of the glacier.
Trolltunga Winter hike - Odda, Norway
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Experience the Norwegian outdoors for yourself
These are just a few of the incredible outdoor trips which are perfect for anyone looking for a nature holiday hiking in Norway. With something for all abilities, these are some of the best hikes in Norway that we guarantee you’ll never forget.

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