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Tourist Activities in Odda and Trolltunga

The world-famous rock formation Trolltunga has long been one of the most popular natural attractions in Norway. Located by the Hardangerfjord, the historical town of Odda is the perfect base for exploring Trolltunga and the surrounding area. Let’s take a closer look at some of the fantastic hiking opportunities and other interesting activities for tourists in this beautiful part of Norway!
Classic Trolltunga Hike - Happy hikers on Trolltunga - Odda, Norway
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Where is Trolltunga?

Trolltunga is located in Vestland, Western Norway, by the stunning Hardangervidda mountain plateau. The famous cliff overlooks Lake Ringedalsvatnet, towering 700 meters above the lake. There are several trailheads that lead to the top, and from the top of this world-famous rock formation you’ll be rewarded with fantastic panoramic views of the surroundings. In fact, Trolltunga has been certified as a Norwegian Scenic Hike among several other of the top hikes in Norway
Classic Trolltunga Hike - Happy hikers on Trolltunga - Odda, Norway
Trolltunga Active
Trolltunga can only be accessed by foot, and travellers should be aware that the hike can be challenging. Many families with kids make the trip with no problems, but if you have young children you should evaluate their experience and ability before setting off to Trolltunga. There are many ways to experience Trolltunga, but we recommend that all travellers go with an experienced local guide to ensure your safety.
If you’re looking for an experience out of the ordinary, why not try a glamping tour on Trolltunga? This is a truly unique way to experience one of Norway’s most famous rock formations – you’ll likely never forget seeing the sunset and sunrise from a glamping dome atop Trolltunga!
In the dome at Trolltunga - Glamping on Trolltunga - Odda, Norway
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How to get to Trolltunga?

From Odda, it’s easy to get to Trolltunga. The hike to Trolltunga starts in the village of Skjeggedal, with trails leading through the towering mountains and stunning landscape. 
If you’re travelling to Trolltunga from further away, for example from Bergen or Oslo, you should be prepared for a long drive or bus/train ride. Driving from Bergen to the start of Trolltunga trails would take around 3 hours, while the drive from Oslo would take between 6-7 hours. For this reason, most people who want to take on the Trolltunga hike opt to stay locally, with Odda being a popular choice.
For those hoping to explore Norway’s natural splendour, the Vestlandet region is a fantastic spot – here, cascading waterfalls, towering mountains and lush greenery meet the wild waters of the fjords. Though most people’s main attraction to this part of Norway is to climb Trolltunga and explore Folgefonna National Park, there’s plenty of other interesting things to do and see in the Vestland region. If you’re using the historic town of Odda as your base for exploring the area, there are plenty of experiences and activities you may enjoy. 
Blue ice hike at Folgefonna Glacier - Odda, Hardanger
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What is there to do in Odda?

The idyllic town of Odda is nestled between tall mountains at the head of the Sørfjord, which is a fjord arm branching off the world-famous Hardangerfjord. Odda is a charming town with plenty to offer visitors beyond it being a great base for visiting Trolltunga. In fact, Odda is a thriving tourist spot with a range of interesting events and activities for travellers from both near and far.
Odda is host to Trolltunga’s visitor information centre where travellers can find out anything they want to know about the hike. Beyond its proximity to Trolltunga, Odda is also located close to the spectacular Folgefonna National Park, which attracts many hiking and nature enthusiasts, including those hoping to take part in a glacier walk on the impressive Folgefonna glacier. It is also a great base for experiencing Fjord Norway offering fantastic views and activities on the stunning Hardangerfjord.
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Odda boasts incredible opportunities for exploring the gorgeous natural scenery while also learning about the history and culture of this interesting region – why not join a kayaking trip on the beautiful Sandvinsvatnet Lake or take part in a boat tour with a visit to a local cider farm? For fit and active travellers hoping to experience all the best of what this beautiful and historic part of Norway has to offer, a guided Via Ferrata tour of Trolltunga which involves hiking, biking and climbing will give you the experience of a lifetime!
Happy girls cimbing the Via ferrata to Trolltunga. Odda, Norway
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The best things to do in Odda

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