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The best restaurants in Tromsø

Tromsø is one of the most popular destinations in Norway. Visitors come from near and far to explore the beautiful nature in and around Tromsø, catch a glimpse of the infamous northern lights, and take in the history and culture of Northern Norway. It’s no secret that food and culinary experiences are a big part of traveling, and Tromsø has plenty to offer foodies who want to sample some local flavors!

There is a range of fantastic eateries and restaurants in Tromsø just waiting to be discovered. If you’re planning your upcoming trip to this polar city, keep reading – we’ve rounded up the best restaurants in Tromsø, Norway!
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Mathallen is one of Tromsø’s most popular restaurants. This elegant bistro serves modern Norwegian cuisine focusing primarily on food from the Arctic climate. The restaurant menu is centered mainly around locally sourced fish and meat with a focus on high-quality, seasonal ingredients. The award-winning chefs have designed set tasting menus for a true experience of Arctic flavors as well the regular a la carte menu.
Mathallen also offers a deli shop where people can buy cheeses, meats, and other local delicacies to take home.
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Some of Tromsø’s best culinary experiences can be found at Fiskekompaniet. This maritime restaurant is a long-standing favorite among both locals and visitors looking for great food and a fantastic view of the polar landscape during their meal. Primarily focused on fish and seafood from the local area of Troms and beyond, Fiskekompaniet offers a modern and contemporary take on classic flavors.

Restaurant Smak

The charming and intimate Restaurant Smak has earned a well-deserved spot as one of Tromsø’s top eateries. Offering a seasonal menu based on local ingredients of the highest quality, Restaurant Smak is dedicated to providing fantastic culinary experiences inspired by the classic flavors and ingredients of Northern Norway.

Tours with food in Tromsø

A fantastic way to get to try all the best of local flavors in Northern Norway is to go on a tour where food is included. An organized tour with experienced guides will give you great insight into local cooking and food traditions, let you have some true Norwegian culinary experiences, and also give you the chance to explore the stunning nature in the area all in one! There is a range of options for great tours depending on what you’re most interested in.
On a scenic coastal safari with local lunch, you get to experience the spectacular Arctic landscape! A knowledgeable local guide will provide historical insight into Norwegian traditions and life in the area and a salmon-, reindeer- or vegetarian wrap will be served at the beautiful island of Sommarøy.
Dinner is served - Culinary Northern Lights Cruise from Tromsø, Norway
If you’re keen to chase the fascinating aurora borealis, a dinner cruise may be a better option for you. Imagine gliding along the icy waters surrounding Tromsø in search of the elusive northern lights as you tuck into a delicious three-course dinner from the award-winning Mathallen. If you’d like to experience the Arctic city of Tromsø by night and sample some local flavors at the same time, there’s no better way to do it than in style on a dinner cruise!
Keep in mind that many of Tromsø’s best restaurants will be closed on Sundays. In Norway, it’s common for most shops and eateries to remain shut on a Sunday as this has traditionally been a day of rest – so as a traveler, it’s wise to be aware of this when you’re planning your trip. Sundays are a great time to plan an outdoor activity like a tour, especially if you’re hoping to sample some local flavors on this day. There are loads of fun things to do in Tromsø, have a look here!
You will also find restaurants and cafes that are open on Sundays, so don’t worry – you won’t go hungry in Tromsø! You’ll likely find some smaller independent eateries and cafes that are open even on the day of rest, and popular Norwegian chain restaurants like Egon and Peppes Pizza are usually open on Sundays for hungry travelers looking for a bite to eat.
Enjoy a culinary experience in Tromsø!

The best things to do in Tromsø

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