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Dog-sledding in Norway

Dog-sledding in Norway is one of the most quintessential Scandinavian experiences you can have. It’s one of the most popular outdoor activities for travellers to the Nordic countries. Feel the power of these Norwegian dogs as they race across the snow, and immerse yourself in this entertaining and unique adventure during your visit to Norway!
Husky Safari in Tromsø, Norway
Tromsø Safari

What is dog-sledding?

For many years, dog-sledding was the best way to get around in Norway. Frigid winter temperatures and poor road systems meant that Norwegians would often have to transit across wide snow drifts for long distances. With their thick fur and tireless nature, Norwegian huskies were bred to pull sleds filled with goods, possessions, and families for miles. Soon becoming synonymous with Norwegian society, dog-sledding found itself on the world stage in movies, television, and even a couple of Eurovision songs!
Norway is famous for its dog-sledding culture and even hosts two of the biggest races in the world. Enthusiasts will travel from worldwide for the Femund Race, racing through the mountainous central regions at breakneck paces. If you’re more interested in marathons rather than sprints, visit Northern Norway in March for the world’s longest dog-sled race. Beginning and finishing in Alta, the teams race through white snow for days before finally crossing the finish line to a hero’s welcome.
Finnmarksløpet - dog sledding in Norway
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Why go dog-sledding in Norway?

There are so many reasons why a dog-sledding holiday in Norway should be on your bucket list. From the incredible history of dog-sledding in Norway to the mighty adrenaline rush you’ll get, a dog-sledding holiday is a perfect way to immerse yourself in Norwegian culture. Experience the incredible freeing sensation as you race through the endless white desert, driving your very own team of huskies!
These beautiful animals love to race – Norwegian huskies have their own personalities and will often howl and chatter when you arrive. Before you take off, meet your team and get to know their quirks. Sometimes you’ll even be lucky enough to meet young husky pups who will grow up to be the next dog-sledding champions!
Tromsø husky safari, Tromsø - Norway
Tromsø Safari

Where can I go dog-sledding in Norway?

As a general rule, winter dog-sledding tours begin around the 1st of November, and run through the winter to the end of April. However, this is dictated by the temperature and snowfall – if there isn’t enough snow, huskies can’t safely pull the sleds.
There are dog-sledding holidays in most parts of Norway – however, one of the best places to experience this great winter activity is in Tromsø. Situated in the North above the Arctic Circle, Tromsø has greater snow levels and cooler temperatures to ensure the best dog-sledding encounter possible! Reputable dog-sledding companies take pride in raising their huskies with the utmost care, and you can guarantee that both you and the dogs will have a great time.
You can choose your own adventure with a Tromsø dog-sledding adventure – from self-driving daytime romps to musher-driven twilight experiences, there is an option for every confidence level. Glimpsing the spectacular Northern Lights during your dog-sledding tour is a genuine possibility, so consider taking your sled out after the sun has set to see this glorious natural light show.
Tromsø husky safari, Tromsø - Norway
Tromsø Safari
For families and those with little experience, a musher-driven dog-sledding holiday is the best way to go. You’ll get to experience the raw power of the harmonious husky team while the competent musher controls and steers – all that’s left is for you to enjoy the ride!
If you visit Norway in the summer but still want to experience this Scandinavian tradition, don’t worry – many places will offer dog-sledding tours on wheels in the hilly regions surrounding Tromsø. While it’s not the most conventional way to race through the Norwegian country, we can promise that the huskies– and you – will enjoy it just as much.

How much does it cost to go dog-sledding?

Dog-sledding in Tromsø is fantastic fun, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. You can join our exciting Husky safari to experience the Arctic landscape in the traditional way. If you’re visiting Tromsø with children, you may want a fun, family-friendly way to interact with the huskies commonly used for dog-sleeding in this area. A great option is to visit a husky farm in Tromsø – your kids will love interacting with these sweet and clever dogs!
Tromsø husky safari, Tromsø - Norway
Tromsø Safari