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Fjord Sauna in Flåm

Plunge into the fjord from the Fjord Sauna in Flåm, Norway
Warming up after a cold bath - Fjord Sauna in Flåm, Norway
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Enjoy a steaming hot sauna in combination with a refreshing bath in the Aurlandsfjorden

  • Located in one of the world's most spectacular fjord landscapes, this floating sauna offers an authentic and sustainable nature and recreational experience
  • The world heritage fjord will be your cold pool, while the floating sauna will provide warmth and comfort
  • The combination of swimming and sauna in majestic surroundings in Flåm will give you a unique experience!
Starting point
1 hr 30 min
Available all year


Upon arrival at Flåm Harbor, you will be met by a Sauna Master who will give you an introduction to the concept. The Sauna Master is responsible for the safety on board and will ensure that you have a pleasant experience. The sauna master will provide heat and water in the sauna and is present the whole time you are there.
The sauna is located in a quiet area of the quay, just a short walk from the railway station and the center of Flåm. Here you can enjoy refreshing baths in the fjord using the ladders outside, using the hatch leading to the fjord inside the sauna, or even jumping from the roof of the sauna! Or you can simply enjoy the heat and comfort of the sauna - bathing in the fjord is not mandatory!
The sauna has a spacious changing room with storage facilities for your belongings, while toilets are found nearby. The floating sauna has electric heating as it is always docked at the quay.

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