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Bergen by night segway tour

Things to do in Bergen - Enjoying the view on a guided Segway tour -Bergen by night, Bergen, Norway
Things to do in Bergen - A beautiful evening on a guided Segway tour -Bergen by night, Bergen, Norway
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On the Bergen by Night Segway tour you are definitely in for an amazing experience!

  • This is an exclusive tour for visitors to Bergen wanting a different experience
  • The 2-hour tour will give you an insight into the bustling city of Bergen at night, as well as excellent views of the exciting city
  • You might have seen the city in the daytime, but by night you will see the beauty of Bergen from a whole new perspective
Starting point
2 hr
1 May - 30 September

Tour description

The tour starts off at the Bergen Segway premises, a short walk from the city center. Here, there is a large and suitable area for training on the Segway indoors and everyone will get to learn the basic skills on before embarking on a trip. When everyone is good and ready for the trip, you start off by taking a small tour through the city center to feel the atmosphere. You will then get to know the Segway a bit better and it prepares you for the climb up the hills.
From the city center you ascend at a steady pace towards the viewpoint of Mount Floien. On your way up there will be several viewpoints and photo opportunities. If you are ready for it, the tour will go all the way to the top 320m (1050ft) above sea level where you will see the city lights from Bergen´s top floor. This unique experience is unlike anything you have ever tried before, so get ready for some Segway fun!
Have a great trip!

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